Slash through my heart
With no intent to kill
Only to scar my soul
And shatter my strong will
Don't break me
In brokenness I might be reborn
Keep me on the edge of death
A wound forever torn
Give me a brief chance at hope
Then drag me through the mud
Show me clouds in a deep blue sky
With vapors made of blood
And when the rain comes
And I'm drowning in red
You turned and left me
"I'll never forget you" you said
You wouldn't give me the benefit
Of escaping in hate
You gave me words to hope for
Your sadistic twisted bait
The gash will always be open
You call whenever it starts to heal
I may be crazy but I take you back
You don't know how you make me feel
If you kill me I'll forget you
That would never be my wish
But I know with you I'll never be well
So let me stay with you in anguish