Love is a force that can drive one into insanity. It has caused war, bankruptcy, anger, tragedy, and pain. It starts simple, but whirls into a cyclone of bitterness, ultimately ending with emptiness and regret. Love is the deadliest of all sins.

She'd been watching him for some time now, as he sat there so complacently in the back of the class room. His chair tilted back, balancing on the back legs, his feet lazily skimming the carpeted floor. His hair fell in unkempt layers down his head, covering his face. He was dressed in the same huge black jacket that he always wore, hands stuffed in the large pockets, faded from the years of being out in the sun. His black pants were on like everyday, assorted belts and chains hung down and swayed with every one of his movements. His black boots were muddy and hole filled, and she could see the black socks that lay underneath. The curtain of hair blocked out his physical features, but she wouldn't have been surprised if his skin was pale white and his eyes were some exotic color.

"Don't even bother with him," her friends would tell her. "He's been with everyone and none of them lasted. He's a heart breaker"

'If he's been with everyone, then that must mean there's something about him,' she would always think, smiling in agreement nonetheless. She had seen the girls he'd been with, and although there was always a jealous pang, she knew she was prettier than them all.

Days went by and every one of them, she would see him, always with friends, the mystery of his face always hidden from her sight. It was taunting, some days she would almost have the nerve to walk up to him, brush his hair out of his face, and plant a kiss on the lips she had never seen. Some days she would just imagine what his face looked like, whether he had skinny or full lips, whether his eyes were hazel, blue, green, or just brown. She would sit for hours, imagining his face, and each day it would change. She wondered about his personality, whether it was artsy, athletic, nice. He was never a jerk in her mind, and as each day passed, her wonder grew more and more as she would watch his figure out of the corner of her eye.

Then finally one day, for no reason at all, she felt a tug at her elbow. Turning her head, she faced the wave of hair that she had long since memorized. Its shine reflected in her eyes as she managed a small squeak of recognition.

"Wanna do something later?" he asked, his voice deep despite his scrawny body.

She nodded, mouth gaped open in surprise as he gave a nod and left.

The day didn't seem to want to end, but she could barely notice. Everything was in a haze, noises ran together like some odd stereo that couldn't work properly. Figures were blurry when they were off in the distance, and distorted blobs when they were right next to her.

She found him when the bell rang, his lanky figure standing under the shade of a tree. A breeze shifted through his hair slightly to where she finally got a glimpse of his face. His lips were dark pink, not to big, not to thin. Perfect. His skin was definitely paler than most, but it was a healthy shade, as if it was natural. She missed seeing his eyes as his hair fell in its place that it had held for the longest time.

They took a stroll down to the local hangout, a diner that served whatever one could ask for. She chatted happily, asking questions and making comments about herself, wanting to absorb everything about him. He would answer in mumbles, his head dipped down to the floor beneath him. They arrived at the diner and took a booth, as she finally satisfied herself with the thought that she was actually with him. She smiled a pretty smile as he ordered a sundae for both of them to share. It was the sweetest, most delicious sundae that she had ever eaten.

The day ended at the park where they had taken a walk to swing on the rust encrusted swings. She could feel the happiness enveloping her and she didn't want it to end. He was quiet, but she felt a connection with him that was like a drug. It fueled her, she wanted to embrace his whole being and become one. Strange, yes, but all she could feel was his breath next to her as she pumped higher and higher on the swing.

They came to a stop next to each other as she finally acted upon her long desires. With a shaky hand, she brushed back his hair, and gazed into his eyes. They were gray, a dark cloud swirling with life. With a moment's hesitation, she leaned in and there they shared their first kiss; starting slowly with a brush of lips, then turning into a passionate lip lock. For a brief moment, she couldn't breath as he moved his hands closer to her, and slid them up and down her back. The more she had of him, the more she wanted. She let out a small gasp of pleasure and pulled him closer, letting emotions run wild.


That was the last time she saw him. Sure, he was still around school, always with his friends, always behind the blanket of hair, but he spoke not another word to her. Her friends tried to comfort her, telling her what a jerk he was, how she deserved better. Not one of them dared to say, "I told you so."

She felt helpless, betrayed. Naturally she felt bitter towards him, for making her feel this way. It was his fault; he was the one that asked her out, he was the one that suppressed her better instinct and let the primal side take over. It was his fault, his. She wanted to return the pain, return the tears. She wanted revenge.

With one day, one person, she was able to experience all the deepest of human emotions; all the peaks of feelings had been reached and conquered. Every aspect of life had been learned in that one moment. And ever since she had it all, she only wanted to return to where she started; watching the mystery that is life from the corner of her eye, safely at a distance where she couldn't feel the hurt that came from knowing it all.


comments: This is different from anything I've tried before, but I just wanted to try it for once. Tell me what you think.

challenge: This story does include all of the seven deadly sins, see if you can spot them.