I'm so tired
of trying to live up to your expectations
Trying to please you
so that you love me
when it is impossible
everything I do is wrong
nothing goes right
nothing is your fault
always mine
Its like trying to go somewhere
on a hamster wheel
I want to win my way into your heart
but all you see is negatives
all you care about are mistakes
you never compliment me
Do you know how hard I try?
everything I do is an attempt to win you over
I cry so hard
when I see that look in your eyes
like I've disappointed you
as if you wish you were anywhere but with me
Do you realize what your doing to me?
bit by bit your tearing apart my heart
every time you ignore me
berate me
or hate me
a piece of my heart melts away
soon I won't have a heart at all
and it'll be your fault