My Eternal Misery
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I wrote this poem on a day when I was having a VERY bad day. Things
weren't going right for me at all on that day, and all I got to show for it
were two blisters I got from walking around all day in high heels. So yeah
this poem reflects the mood I was in on that day, and don't worry peoples.
I'm not contemplating suicide or anything. I was just in a crappy mood, and
I was inspired to write about my crappy feelings. So I hope you enjoy this
bleak poem, and I hope you guys like it....even though it was based off my
uneventful crappy day. TTFN.

I finally give up on life
I really give up on me
I know that this isn't the way
My life is supposed to be

My heart's been really crushed
One too many times
My sanity has forsaken me
I think I've lost my mind

I know I should be happy
But I'm not and that's the truth
I wish I could rewind time
And get back some of my youth

But time can't be rewinded
It always moves ahead
The joy that lives inside of me
Is unmistakenly dead

I'm no longer a solid woman
I'm just a hollow shell
Instead of succeding at things
I'm always doomed to fail

Well I guess I'm just a failure
And I quit on this so called life
Life is always beating me down
Filling me with tension and strife

I don't want to live like this
Please tell me what's the use
Is my self esteem really that low
I guess it just needs a boost

But for now there's nothing for me to do
But wallow around in despair
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day
But for now I just don't care