Cowering in a corner
Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another poem about men abusing women. I hope you like it, and
please tell me how you like this poem. Normally I don't write about such
taboo topics, but this one....I don't know. I just had to get this poem out
there. I don't know maybe this one poem will help someone else in this
situation.. Anyways I hope you guys like it, because I really liked the way
this poem came out. Just R&R and let me know what you think. TTFN.

Cowering in a corner
Afraid of what happens next
Afraid that you would kill me
Then again that might be best

What did I ever do to you
To make you hate me so
If I make you this unhappy
Then why don't you just go

I'm confused and I'm scared
I don't know where to go
My parents always say this line
See I told you so

And I guess that they were right
Because I'm suck here in a corner
Trapped just like a little mouse
And feeling like I'm a goner

The punches are very brutal
Each blow lands it's mark
But the pain that I feel with every hit
Isn't like the pain in my heart

Tell me what's happened to me
How did I get so weak
I remember when I used to stand my ground
But now I tremble in defeat

Maybe it's because I love you
Is that the only reason why I stay
I know that I should leave you
Knowing you won't change your ways

This will be the last time
I won't let you hurt me again
I'm prepared to win this fight
And do what I can to win

I stand back up tall and proud
The fear had ebbed away
I refuse to let you walk all over me
Starting from today

The days that you abuse me are over
Not even you can pull me asunder
No longer will I cower in fear
In some stinky dingy corner

You look at me with such surprise
I'm angry, ain't no use in lying
I'm going to show you how it feels
Or at least I'm going to die trying

I really thought that I loved you
I thought, as I clinched my fist
To think that you didn't really love me back
It really makes me pissed

So I watch you raise you fist one more
And I do the same cause it just doesn't matter
I've learned that love comes with a price
As I take my final battle

No more fights, no more bruises
No more of me being a runner
No more living a life filled with lies
No more cowering in corners