She gazes dreamily from so far away,
At the charcoal lines he brings to day,
Lightly on the fragile white rice paper;
To make another portrait of his lover.

She sighs, finally now he is happy.
She is glad but feels bitter melancholy,
Yearning for the days he'd sweetly sing,
Just for her and the comfort she'd bring.

He blows a chestnut streak out of his eyes
And, harshly smothering her own cries,
She smiles fondly at the ethereal sight,
Remembering their times together in the night.

She knows the bitter truth of loneliness,
Which she dispels despite her coldness,
She is doomed to it, even when the others,
Find their way back to warm love covers.

Like he, whose tears she dried every eve,
When solitude made him wish to leave.
Now he's found his way back to the sun,
And she's left forgotten and again alone.

So dark feelings for all burn within her,
As for him whose memories are a blur
For the moon that sailed next to him,
And brought him back from sleep's brim.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: OK, not going to make things too clear. Just pointing out 'she' is the
moon, looking down from the sky at a mortal.
I wrote this.whoa.four months ago, put it on floppy disc to transfer it to
my own computer 'cause it was written on the laptop but my pc wouldn't read
floppy discs so I forgot about it and well no that I can only get online
from dad's computer and can't post any of the many poems I've written on my
pc, this is the only thing I could post.make any sense? Lol.