Before we begin.... The land of Titarak slumbered in peace, But the evil spirit Venois planned their end of the peaceful era, and soon became so strong that he overthrew the Eternal Empress. The land shook with the rumour of its horrible host, and the air was scented with blood. The Elemental Mages were murdered, except for the beautiful Mage of Light, Windpaw, the were-hare. She must recall the Leader of the rebellion agaisnt the terrible spirit and regain the Empress's throne.

And here we are......

Basil Meadowcleck is a were-hare. He was a hare, but acted, evolved and dressed as a medival human. He was actually taller than a human. He and his sister Heart's Blood was the only ones around.

One night, Basil fell asleep under a weeping willow....

"Basil, arise!" He heard the sweetest voice. He looked up and saw the most beautiful sight in his wartorn life.

She was a were-hare, but extremely short. She had light sand colored fur and beautiful purple eyes. Basil instantly fell inlove.

In her paw she hold a skinny and long sword. "I am Windpaw, Mage of Light." She introduced herself.

"Erm, I'm Basil-" Basil began.

"Meadowcleck, I know. I came for you, Basil, it is you who will led the army that will bring peace to our land." Windpaw cut in.

Basil thought for a moment. "Me? Going to save the land of Titarak? A army?"

"Peace and Freedom, thats what the army is called, or will be." Windpaw nodded. "You need to find all the heirs to the Mages of Thunder, Will and Mind, Earth, Shadow and Fire."

"Mages? THE Elemental Mages?" Basil asked, stunned.

"Don't be a blockhead, Basil! Peace and Freedom, under your command in a glorious battle for Life. Aren't you happy?" Windpaw scowled.

"Yes, yes, but I? I'm a mere were hare! And I'm getting old..." Basil objected.

"Pish!" Windpaw shook her head. "You got plenty of years ahead of you, ninity, I believe. Anyway, you must find your first student who you will teach to fight. His name is Araheart, a free slave. You will train him for three years, then together you shall form Peace and Freedom." Windpaw handed Basil a long saber.

Basil took the saber. "Araheart? Quite a unusual name."

"He is a halfling. Go, find him! He will escape next week and will be 'waiting' in the rubble of Castle Firebane." Windpaw urged and pushed him.

Basil woke up. "Just a dream..." He muttered. Then he look at his paw, and in horror, saw the saber.