A/N: Here, again, is my reply to hakubaikou's poem "Goodbye²." Please R&R.

by battousai24

If only I can stay forever
with you, I gladly would
but even though I don't leave now
Someday, I still would

It's useless to remain here
when I know I'll disappear
It's stupid, it's just a game,
no matter how real it may seem

I know I've said I don't care
Somehow I still do
A part of me can't forget you
and another gladly would

It hurts so much to leave
but it hurts even more to stay
Goodbye for now, my precious friend
We'll see each other again someday

And although I know that when we do
We won't remember anything
I'll wait for you in the other side
even though I don't believe such a thing

And once again, I say farewell
Goodbye, my beloved friend
Tonight I'll dream of you,
I'll think of you 'til the end