Blushes and Regret

I can never be free

I hopelessly

Bear the pain your presence brings

Knowing I shouldn't think these things

But I still do, either way

Every, single, waking day

You're a dream come to life

Multiply the strife

Too gorgeous to be real

Forcing me to feel

Emotions I tried to deny

You force me not to lie

To admit what I preferred

And you never said a single word

Just to my lucky fate

You're irrevocably straight

Probably taken too

No one's too good for you

The person you look back at

With blushes and regret

Will never be me

I wish you could see

Just how perfect you truly are

That someone watches from afar

You're noticed although you don't believe it

Even if I'm not legit

I want you to know you're cared about

Then I'll do fine without

I have to ask you this for me

It will trap me to be free

I need you not to smile my way

I need you to watch what you say

I need to stop noticing you

But my denial will fall through

That's why we can't talk anymore

I'd reveal my emotional core

Forced to be honest with myself

Take the issue off the shelf

Only to know that he's all you need

Do yourself a good deed

And find a way to sedate me

Until my mind and heart can't disagree