Back in this tiny room

Here where I lay nightly

Listening to the long silence

Staring at the brooding shadow

No, not a simple shadow…

A shade

Every black night I look

Every black night it grows

A sinister shade with no source

An image that pollutes my mind

Tonight again it appears

That shade

Last night it was smaller

Tonight it's grown again

Slowly it gains a cruel image

I swear I see a face and claw

And they horrify my sight

The shade

And I hear the creaking

A slow constant horror

Footsteps, I know they are footsteps!

Coming down the hall and creaking

Growing nightly, like that black

That shade

Holy Lord, there again!

Closer, now at the door

And now there are terrible eyes

Something new, it never had those!

They stare cold, red eyes of hate

Of shade

What unholy beast, this?

But now what Hell above?

A chandelier, always lower

Like creak and shade always closer

And gruesomely welcoming

The shade

I hide from its candles

And what they sit upon

Black sticks in bloody human limbs

In the mouth, the eyes, or a hand

Yet their dark flames do not shift

The shade

That evil dark horror!

Its red eyes are nearer

The door! The door is opening

And the bloody red nails enter

And the chandelier screams for

That shade

The shadow on my bed

The cold airs from the door

And the red eyes begin to cry

Tears as crimson as fresh red blood

They fall on my feet, tears of

A shade

I can't stand that shadow

That scream penetrates all!

And that sinister doorway wind!

Keep them away! Keep IT away!

The blood is cold! It is cold!

The shade!

Save me of evil eyes

Grant me cover from wind

Silence that horrid chandelier

Give me peace most horrid, criminal demon!

They burn, those eyes! They burn so!

The shade!

It covers my being

A world of screaming lights!

Who am I? Where am I? Horror!

That chill blasts freezes my whole soul!

I know none but this nightmare!

A shade!

A shade!

A shade!

A shade!

A shade!

A shade!