A/N: This is my reply to hakubaikou's "Goodbye┬│." It sounds so stupid though... I blame it on the rhyme. I hate the ending, it's crap. *sigh* Oh well.

Goodbye Tonight
by battousai24

Tonight I'll say goodbye to you
Always remember I'm there
I'll be in your heart
So please take care

My time is now running out
I'm fading away slowly
The clock is ticking away so fast
I'll be okay, so don't worry

Please smile for me one last time
I don't want to see a tear
I need to know you'll be okay
There is nothing you should fear

Call out to me when you feel alone
I'll be there right by your side
Even though I won't remember
I'll be there, right on time

So one last time I'll say goodnight
Don't look at me, close your eyes
I'll hold you close just for tonight
And for once, to you, I'll be nice