Curse of the Dragon


In a world token over by a dark Lord, only a few have escaped his wrath, and of those few lies the secret to stopping the dark lord and restoring the world back to its original beauty. A group of rejected women are that key, but do they have what it takes to stop the Dark Lord, or do they have to seek help from unfriendly humans who want nothing more than to kill these three mutated humans. Find out in this first epic tale...

"You have three newborn babies" Said the midwife as she looked inside the cradles.
The new mother lay in the bed covered in sweat and relief. "Can I see them?" She asked. Her black hair was matted from tossing her head around during labor.
"Of course Nageetah, there yours after all." The midwife said, but with a hint of something in her voice that startled Nageetah. Was it uncertainty or fear that she heard in the women's voice?
The midwife gave the three babies a quizzical look. "You must promise me that you will take care of these three, no matter how society would look upon them." She said in a deeper voice.
"Of course Kakoshuma. I would like to seem them now." She said with impatience.
"All right then, but you promised." Kakoshuma reminded her.
Kakoshuma picked up the baby with the short blonde, almost white hair and walked over to her mother. With great care, she gave her to Nageetah, but made sure that the body was cover in a warm white blanket.
"All of them are female." Kakoshuma told her. Nageetah held the small vulnerable baby in her arms. She removed a part of the blanket that covered the babies face and looked into it's eyes that were looking back at her with a quiet contement. Almost as if the child was studying her. Something seemed very odd about the child that Nageetah couldn't quite put a finger on. She looked closer and then screamed in horror. "This child is evil, a spawn of the devil. One of Reo's demons. Kill it." Nageetah screamed.
The Midwife stole the child from her arms and put her back in the cradle. On top of the almost bald skull was two very small protruding horns of a silvery gray color. Its eyes could almost be mistaken as human eyes, but with closer look they were a deep red with a slit, and had the intelligence of a dragon. The child did not cry or complain about her screaming mother, it only looked at Kakoshuma with an unwavering gaze.
"These are the children that will rid the world of Roe's dark forces. The prophecy is finally come true. You have been blessed." Kakoshomu said happily, trying to calm down the screaming women.
"Its a curse. A curse from hell. Get ride of that child before it insnares you with its dark ways." Nageetah screamed.
"Nonsense my child. She is an innocent babe, born to the world. No harm will come from her, you will see. Now quite down before you awaken the townsfolk to your distress." Kakoshumo said.
Nageetah threw the covers off of her and stood up on weary legs. "Its already to late. You have already succumbed into the darkness. If you don't destroy that child, then you will burn with them as well." Nageetah hissed.
Kakoshumo was shocked. Surely Nageetah must understand that the child was good, and not evil. "I will do no such thing. Never will I harm a child. Just because it has small horns and red eyes does not mean it is hell spawn. Reo has not traveled this far through the land, we have time yet to prepare your children for battle. Soon they'll grow up and..."
Nageetah slapped Kakoshumo across the face. "How dare you Kakoshumo, how dare you. Your an ally of the Dark Lord, you want to destroy this world. How dare you, how dare you?" Nageetah screamed as she begun to slap Kakoshuma wildly.
Kakoshuma would have nothing of the mother's nonsense. Nor was she going to let her berate her so. Kakoshuma pounded Nageetah hard in the face.
Nageetah staggered backwards and clasped her face with her hands. Her eyes were wide in astonishment. "You hit me!" She breathed.
"Of course I hit you." Kakoshuma growled. "Get out of here before you force me to knock you out." Kakoshuma was graying at the sides of her head, but she still had strength that not many at her age could ever gather.
Nageetah staggered to the door, her nose dripping with blood, and a faint bruise already forming just below her eye. "The townsfolk will know what to do. We will not let you corrupt us with those children of yours." Nageetah yelled angrily.
"No Nageetah, they are your children. If you inform the townsfolk they will burn you too. Nageetah?" Kakoshuma screamed.
It was too late. Nageetah ran out the door to do exactly what she said. She wasn't going to wait for the possessed women to finish her words to try and lull her into her grasp. She knew something must be done about the babies.
Kakoshumo shook her head and looked down at the babies. Still they remained silent. They watched and assessed the situation.
"Your mother has sentenced herself to death. Soon she will make the townsfolk aware of you so called mutants. We must hurry and leave before we are caught. They wont go to the proper authorities. They will take action quickly, and burn her as well thinking that she is a demon and brings evil spawns of darkness into our realm to kill off all humans."
Kakoshuma packed food and water as quickly as possible. She brought clean loin clothe and cows milk for the babies. She gathered the babies in a small carrier and exited the back door. She used the darkness of the night to move quickly past the trees unseen.
She set the babies on her carriage where a small odd looking creature came out from underneath the horses legs. It was a blue colored bear that looked much like a child walking around on its back legs. It had human proportions. It had arms and legs and a tail. Big green eyes and a mouth that never stayed shut for long.
"Take care of them while I am gone Tigo." Kakoshuma said. "Keep them safe, keep them quiet. I will be back shortly."
Before Tigo could say a single word, she turned and ran off back to the town.
She could hear the men shouting angrily. Already the house was burning fast in red flames. She ignored the house and went striaght to the town square. At the towns square was every man and women that could be found nearby. They surrounded a stake with piles of dried wood set around it. Tied to the stake was none other than Nageetah. Her hysterics got herself into a mess that even Kakoshuma could not get her out of.
Nageetah was screaming, trying to make amends with the townsfolk that already begun chanting loudly.
One man that was loading the wood around the stake got sick of her blabbering mouth. "Shut up you ugly demon." He struck her hard in the ribs with one of the large pieces of wood.
The air blasted out of her body like a popped balloon. The pain was excruciating, but she had no air in her lunges for screaming. Her mouth opened but no sound came out.
"Burn her, burn her!" Chanted the crowd.
"We wont let no demon take over our lands. Foul creatures will not exist here." Shouted the balding man that had struck Nageetah. "Can you hear us Reo? We know of your ways. You can't foul us with your possessed women. We will strike each women that carries your mark, demon. You will be defeated, and our lands, courageous!" He shouted that last part even louder as the crowds applauded and screamed their agreements.
A torch was carried through the crowd and brought to the old man as the crowd got intensely excited with anticipation.
The women had got her breath back and begun to scream frantically. She tried desperatly to convince them that she was not hell spawn. Nothing worked. Once the the torch was placed infront of her face to please the auddience she begun out right screaming.
"Soon your cries will be heard no more. Reo will lose a valuable minion. We have triamped." Said the old man into Nageetah's ear.
"Your mad. You will strip the town bare of women if you continue." Nageetah said in a panic. Once said she begun to scream again as the old man dropped the torch into the dry wood around her feet.
"Better safe, than sorry." He said.
No longer was she able to worry aboout the old man, or anbody else. The wood was burning fast and already the flames were carassing her toes with hot licks. Her screams changed from panic to screams of pain.
It did not take long for the flames to crawl up the post and burn her flesh. Soon she was engulfed in fire as it ate away at her body, but her screams never died out. Her screams seemed to go on forever before they finally drifted away with the breeze. The town was filleed with the smell of burnt flesh. A little ways in the distance, Kakomusha watched in horror.
"The world will never welcome these three newborn babes. But in the end, they will have no choice."
Farther in the distance a wolf howled from the scent of blood. Soon that single wolf was joined in a whole choir of wolves. The hunt was on.