New story! It's a fantasy, romancy, friendshipy, actiony, sad kinda story. It's got a little bit of everything in a way. The story has lots of people so at the end of each chapter is a glossary of names and I'll add to it whenever a new (and important) character comes along just so you don't get too confused. Tell me if you like it! This is just the prologue so it's quite short. My chapters are longer.

Summary: Amy Anderson was just an ordinary teenage girl. At least she was until she gets attacked by ten strange, beautiful and deadly women who change her life forever. She gets awoken many years later and her world as she knows it has changed. She has a dangerous task to do and makes many friends and falls in love along the way. Rated for language


Prologue: Just an ordinary girl.

A constant thudding woke Amy. She moaned and sat up in her bed, her black hair sticking out at all angles. She glared at the door.

"Argh! What do you want?" she asked loudly.

"Finally! Mom says get up now!" came her older sister Beth's rude reply from the other side of the door.

Amy groaned and stumbled out of her bed. She grabbed some clothes from her wardrobe and took them out with her to the bathroom. She showered quickly and got changed into them before drying her hair and tying it into a ponytail.

15 minutes later she entered kitchen. It was a small room with a plain pale blue carpet covering the whole floor except a small tiled section which was given up to the cooking devices. The walls were plain white with one large window looking out onto the small but well-kept garden.

Amy sat down in front of her bowl of cereal opposite Beth who was fiddling idly with a long strand of her wavy brown hair while looking down at her breakfast doubtfully. Although Beth had a perfect figure, she still insisted on going on a diet and hated having to eat breakfast every morning. It always 'made her feel heavy for the rest of the day' as she had put it. Amy couldn't help but think Beth was conceited and vain.

The next few minutes was spent in silence. Her mom, Laura, was over in the kitchen making fried eggs and bacon for Amy's brother Jack, her sister was too busy with her thoughts to bother to speak to anyone else and Amy was to busy shoving food in her mouth to care.

"Seriously Amy, that's disgusting." said her brother as he came in. He sat down next to Beth and Amy's mom put his eggs and bacon in front of him.

Amy poked her tongue out at him childishly and swallowed her mouthful of food. "Well if you were this late and had to face Miss West for the third time this week because of your 'lack of organization and obvious disregard for lesson times', you'd be stuffing the food down your gob too." she said dryly and he grinned.

"Well maybe if you got up when I woke you Amy." her mom said from the kitchen. Amy looked up at her mom and her usual kindly face was now frowning. She was a plump woman with brown hair and sharp green eyes and she was extremely kind, although very firm.

"Mom I told you this last week. It's impossible for me to wake up any earlier than this. Half seven is torture! Literally." she said uncomfortably. They had this same conversation so often in the mornings.

Her mom sniffed and turned back to the washing up. Amy finished eating and stood up.

"Righte-o mom. I'm going now. See you after school." Her mom kissed her goodbye and she walked out, calling goodbye to Beth and Jack and got a half- hearted farewell in return.

This was a typical day for Amy. She would get up, realize she was late and hurriedly get changed. Then her family would have breakfast together. Her seventeen year old brother and Amy would muck around while sixteen year old Beth sat in silence and her mom was cleaning the kitchen.

Amy, as well as being as lazy as you can get, was also fun, friendly and extremely stubborn. She was about medium height and was thin. She had always been chubby as a kid, but she got salmonella al the age of 9 from an omelette in France and has stayed skinny ever since. She was 15 and had striking black hair that hung in gentle waves past her shoulders and dark, bottle green eyes. The rest of her family were light haired and had blue eyes. Even her father who had died of cancer when she was young had been blonde. People often said Beth and Jack looked uncannily like their mother and father but no one had ever said that to Amy. She enjoyed this though and used it to her advantage and became unique in both appearance and personality. She was almost always cheerful and loved having fun and had a small group of really close friends who were similar to her. She lived in Wales in a small town. All in all, she was an ordinary girl.

Right then she was so engrossed in thinking of an excuse to give Miss West that she didn't notice Mira calling her. Her best friend ran up next to her and linked her arm.

"What's up?" Mira asked curiously.

"Mira! You're late too!" Amy said cheerfully and smiled at her friend. Mira was a very pretty girl. She had clear dark skin and long plaited black hair. She was thin and tall and had a very good figure. She was very similar to Amy personality-wise but instead of being stubborn and impatient like Amy, she was patient and thoughtful. She always got excellent grades in school and seemed to have practically everything going to her advantage.

Mira laughed. "Yep but don't go getting cheerful just yet. I have a note from my mom explaining why. My brother was sick and I couldn't get a lift off her" she said.

Amy groaned. "Argh! How do you stay out of trouble so well?" she muttered.

"I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm not a lazy bum like you!" she answered and laughed.

"That was a rhetorical question dear...." Amy groaned.

The rest of the walk to school was spent discussing what they were going to do after school. Eventually it was decided that they would meet in the park that was right next to the school and hang out there for a while.

They soon rounded the corner and Amy looked upon what she thought of as her doom.

She groaned as she remembered that she hadn't thought of an excuse yet.

"Ah. Miss Anderson! So kind of you to join us at last! It must be a new record. You appear to only be 10 minutes late today!" Miss West said sarcastically to Amy as she entered the room. "One more time and I shall have to report this to your mother. It's not acceptable!"

Soon enough the bell went and Amy tried to get out unnoticed but Miss West saw and called her back.

"You have detention for an hour after school tomorrow Miss Anderson," she said and stalked out of the classroom.

And so the day went on. Amy had English first, then Science and then History. When the bell rang at the end of period three Amy grinned happily, ready to go have lunch. She made her way to the lunch hall and bought herself a sandwich and sat down by Mira. Soon her other friends came and sat down by them.

Lara was a loud, yet intelligent tomboy. She wore anything at all she wanted to and did whatever she wanted to and Amy admired that fact in her. She had short, chin length dark brown hair and was very fit due to all the sports she did. Her eyes were originally a pale blue but she wore contacts that made them a bright green with all sorts of flecks of color in them. Cassy was shy around almost anyone except her family and friends. But whenever she was around them, she was equally noisy. She was so small and thin that it was sometimes hard to believe she wasn't younger than she was. Her light brown hair was streaked with pale blonde and she had a few freckles on her nose. Lastly there was Ian and Liam. They were twins and looked very similar although not to the extent where you couldn't tell them apart. They both had thick brown hair and brown eyes although Liam's were lighter. They were both very tall and kind. Ian was into playing his guitar and basketball whereas Liam did running and liked computers.

Amy smiled at them and kissed Ian on the cheek. They had been together for half a year and were still giving each other doe eyes. The six of them easily got into a conversation which quickly turned into a debate on who was taller out of Liam and Ian. This was an argument that had been going on for ages and they couldn't settle on who was the tallest. They always had pointless talks about nothing. It was just the way their group was.

"Soooo what are we doing after school?" Lara asked once it was decided that they would discuss the height issue later.

"Me and Amy are meeting in the park. Were just gonna run home and dump our bags and stuff first," Mira told them.

"Yup. Feel free to join us in the wonderful art of sitting under a tree mocking each other!" Amy said cheerfully.

"Ah we can't. It's our dad's birthday and were going out for a meal," Liam said and grinned. "We'll join in on the fun tomorrow."

"Shame," Amy said pityingly. "Lara? Cassy? Do you two wanna come?"

"Ya. Would I ever pass up time to spend under a tree with you fools?" Cassy asked and Amy laughed.

"I'll come too. But only because of the fact that I have nothing better to do," Lara told them with a lopsided grin and Mira pushed her gently and did her best to act angry.

When the bell finally rang later that day to signify the end of school they all said their goodbyes and walked home.

Amy fetched the key from under a flowerpot around the side of the house and let herself in. None of her family would be back yet so she dropped her back in her room and made her way back to the park.

The park was the only really pretty thing in their town. It was very natural and peaceful. She passed all the little kids with their parents playing on the grass and moved on to a very quiet section of the park. This was where her and her friends spent loads of their time. It was like their own spot because no one else seemed to go there. It was a small grove in the trees and was in a round, circular shape. She lay down in the middle to wait and closed her eyes against the sun.

It was a hot day but for some reason she began to shiver. Goosebumps formed on her arms and she rubbed them quickly and sat up. She looked around for her friends but they still weren't there. She was about to lay back down when something caught her eye.

Something was moving by one of the trees. She squinted at it and frowned in a puzzled way. It looked like someone had hung a transparent fabric out on an invisible washing line. She tried telling herself she was imagining things but the shimmer wouldn't disappear. By now she was completely freaked-out and then realized there were more patches of the shimmering air. She counted and sucked a breath in through her teeth. There were ten of them and they circled all the way around the clearing she was sitting in.

She was about to get up and run through a gap but froze when the patches of air seemed to solidify and grow taller and out of each stepped... a woman. Amy stiffened in shock and balled her hands into fists to stop herself from shaking. She only just had enough time to register what had happened before they all raised their arms mercilessly and each of their palms glowed strangely. Amy started to believe that something was wrong with her and she was going crazy when she realized that one of the women had noticed her. The woman's eyes widened and she looked horrified and then there was a flash of light as something erupted from the woman's palms. She felt rather than saw something erupt from each of the women's hands and then realized they were all coming towards her.

"Oh shit." she had time to say before they each hit her at exactly the same time and a searing pain shot through her body. She could feel herself being hurt in so many different ways and she couldn't breathe. She was standing still for what seemed like an age, vibrating softly as the jolts were sent through her body and then she felt her heart stop and she fell to the floor.



Amy: Main character. Mira: Amy's best friend. Lara: Amy's friend. Cassy: Amy's friend. Ian: Amy's boyfriend. Liam: Amy's friend. Ian's twin. Laura Anderson: Amy's mom. Beth Anderson: Amy's sister. Jack Anderson: Amy's brother.

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