The Next Girl

You knew he would hurt you

If you didn't say you love him

And mean it

You knew he was wrong for you

But you never said a word

Against him

And now he's free to do it again

You wait for her to see

His bad side

Waiting for someone to get hit

Because you can't tell her

And make her listen

But you're the only one who can

Even try to save her

And you won't

You think you'd be betraying him

As if he never used you

In that way

And now I beg you to help her out

But you silence me in anger

You still like him

Maybe you think he'll hurt you again

But I would go with you

If you'd stop him

You wouldn't have to go anywhere

Without your friends

We'd help

He could blame you all he wanted

But you don't deserve this

And neither does she

Are you going to let another girl

Get beaten like you did?

Or will you help her?

You're the only one who knows

And the only one who can

Save the next girl