To Get Rid Of The Boredom

By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Twenty-First day of January that a successful stock broker named Harrison Cushing has decided to do something to get rid of the boredom that he was experiencing while being comfortably married to his wife,Sylvia for seven years.

And so,after he had called Sylvia from the office and told her that he was going to be working late that evening,Harrison had gotten into his car and drove to the local nightclub known as Dante's Inferno,where he was able to find a Geena Davis type beauty sitting on one of the bar stools and drinking down a dry martini.

After she had noticed Harrison sitting on the stool next to hers and ordering a beer,the female stranger had looked at Harrison,let out a smile and asked,"So,are you as lonely as I am?"

"As a matter-of-fact,yes.I'm very lonely.",answered a smiling Harrison."By the way,I'm Harrison.What's your name?"

"My name's Candy--as in Miss Candy Kane.",said Candy,after she had finished gulping down her martini."And if you want,I'll be glad to invite you over to my place for a nightcap."

And after he had realized that it was an invitation that he really doesn't want to pass up,Harrison and Candy had left the club and gone over to her apartment,where they both had drank down a glass of fine brandy,looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

Just then,while Harrison and Candy were enjoying a romantic evening together,a concerned Sylvia had drove over to her husband's office building just to make sure he was doing alright.

However,as soon as she had walked into the building and over to the security desk,Sylvia had asked for permission to go up to Harrison's office and check up on him,only to have the security guard tell her that Harrison had clocked out for the evening.

And after she had heard that,a suspicious Sylvia had gotten back into her car,drove away from the office building and started looking for her philandering husband,who--at that very moment--had moved himself and Candy into the bedroom,removed all of their clothes,placed themselves on the bed and began to kiss and carress each and every part of their nude bodies.

"Aaaahhhh,yes!That's it!Do it,Harrison!",said Candy,while she and Harrison were enjoying their moment of pure,untamed erotica."Touch me!Touch me there!Aaaahhhh!"

Meanwhile,outside Candy's apartment building,Sylvia had looked at one of the cars in the parking lot and realized that it was the one that belonged to her husband.

"You better be meeting a very important business man inside that building,Harrison!",said an upset Sylvia,after she had parked her car and got out of it."Because if you're doing something else,I'll sue you for every cent you've got!"

And as soon as Sylvia had walked into the building superintendent's apartment and asked him where Harrison was,both he and Candy had finally finished their moment of pure sensual pleasure and collapsed due to exhaustion.

"Hmmmm.That felt ssssoooo very gooood.",said Candy,after she had placed her head on Harrison's chest and her hand on his shoulder."Why don't you leave your wife,Harrison?After all,she's still squeezing the life out of you."

"I know,Candy.I know.",said Harrison,after he had wrapped his arms around Candy's bare body."It's just that some things are worth the risk."

But suddenly,just as they were about to fall asleep within their naked arms,Harrison's very angry wife had barged into Candy's bedroom,saw that he was indeed sleeping with another woman and yelled,"I WANT A DIVORCE!"

Well,all I could personally tell you folks is that sleeping with another woman behind your wife's back is indeed not the smartest thing to do--even if she is draining the life out of you.

As for Harrison and his newfound ladylove,Candy,after his divorce from Sylvia had became finalized,he had walked out of the lawyer's office,gave Candy a great big hug and said,"It's over,Candy.I've got my life back."

And then,about a year later,the two lovers had flown themselves over to the island paradise of Jamaica,where they've got married and remained there to live so happily ever after.