You think you're so fucking funny
Spreading false rumors
Trying to break me down
You're a scared piece of shit
That I will one day break
Because of all this built up hate
Don't turn your back on me
I don't even want to be a part of this family
All the fucking lies
That we hold inside
What the fuck is with it
All you do is hide
Hide from the truth
Hide from yourselves
I'm sick of it.
You're all selfish bastards
Keeping me here
What for?
It's not like you even give a flying fuck
I'm sick of all your shit
Let me live my fucking life
Let me out of here
I want to be on my own
Far away where you won't find me
I want out of here
I want to be free
Living on my own
Not scared what tomorrow brings
Not afraid to use my voice to sing
Songs of joy instead of hate
I will bring you down
You made that your fate
Don't fuck with me now
You will regret it
That is a promise