- Rape[icide] -

Dark chilling night of fright
Walking down a deserted road
Noises behind me
I turn to find nothing there

I walk faster as the noises get closer
My heart racing faster and faster
His shadow following closely behind mine
I turn around, and my heart stops

Paralyzed by fear
He pushes me to the ground
I scream so loud my voice quickly cuts out
And then everything turns black

My insides hurt
A breaking virgin
Violated for someone else's pleasure
He stops, is it over?

He stands and looks down on me
As I lay helpless on the ground
Smiling at me with cruelty
With the moon reflecting on the knife

I close my eyes preparing to die
I can feel the knife traveling towards my body
A sudden piercing pain in my abdomen
I scream in vein and cry tears of blood

Every tear that is born from my eyes
Is a memory leaving my mind
My heart begins to weaken
And everything stops