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Ch.2 Pick Up Sticks

The cries of tortured spirits rang through my ears as I was thrown off of the rancid boat I had been riding on for the past five hours. I looked around my new "home". The barren wasteland seemed to stretch on forever. This…was where I'd be spending the rest of eternity.

"So…this is Hell." I informed myself.

The past day seemed to have gone by in a blur. I had died. I still wasn't exactly sure how, but somehow, I had died. I was sure of this due to the fact that I had found myself in front of this booth with an extremely snooty man who had asked my name.

"Name please." He had asked snidely.

"Um… W-Where am I? What's going on?"

"Miss, I'm sorry, but I simply don't have time to explain such matters. Hundreds of people die each minute you know, and we have to keep the line moving. Now, name please."

What? I'm dead? How? Oh my God! How could this happen? I'm only sixteen!

My mind went numb and the only thing I could get myself to do was answer meekly "Abbigale Lynn Hampton."

He typed my name into the computer and waited for the response. When it popped up the man began to read aloud.

"Abbigale Lynn Hampton: Salvation completed at age seven. Lost faith at age thirteen. Started drug use at thirteen. And met Anna Marie Farber at 16. The last one, now that's a killer!" He laughed insanely at his own odd joke. "Now go to your left and board the ship. You know, it's people like you who really upset me. She's the reason you have to go. You still had a chance, but you blew it. All because of Anna!" He spat Anna's name like it were some vile poison.

Still numb with shock, I went to my left and got on the "ship". I still wasn't entirely sure of what was going on. Why I had to go on this tiny, smelly boat, while others were boarding a large pristine ship that was white and magnificent, it was perfect in every way. It was simply breath taking. Why couldn't I ride on that?

The only thought that was clearly running through my head was the fact that the man had said that Anna was the reason for all of this. I couldn't understand how he could possibly blame my Anna for this, she would never hurt me. I could still smell her (baby powder mixed with chocolate), and I could still taste her kiss. My Anna who rescued abandoned animals and was terrified of hurting anyone's feelings, who loved me, could never have killed me. Why was this man trying to tell me otherwise?

Just then, another girl walked onto the boat. She wasn't more than twenty, and looked frightened.

"Do you know where we're going?" I asked.

She looked at me completely mystified "Didn't anyone tell you? This is a one way trip to Hell."

My jaw dropped. Now it made sense. Everyone was right; God really was going to make me pay for loving Anna. He didn't care that I was saved. It really just didn't matter anymore. I was not terrified. I was frozen.

As the boat continued to fill with other wretched souls, most despondent, a few still hopeful, the stench of death and defeat grew.

The only coherent thought I owned was why?

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