The Way it had to be
I push the blade deeper,
Wondering why it's hard
To take the final step,
Go the final yard

The one to set me free,
Knowing the end will come
The end not here fast enough
Looks like I've won.

Spent most of my life waiting to die
The moment is here at last
My last few moments on this earth,
Don't wish I could change the past.

Today is what I've been waiting for,
No more blood, or pills,
After the final time,
This the one that kills

No more pain, no more tears,
No more hating tomorrow
This is how it's going to be,
wave goodbye to all life's sorrow.

This is the end but please don't cry,
It's the only way out for me,
You may not ever understand why,
This is how it had to be.