A/N: This is my reply to yet another one of hakubaikou's poems, "Imagine." Please R&R.

by battousai24

This one night, I'll hold you and cry
I need to see you for one last time
I need to hear your soft voice
because only you can ease my mind

Suddenly I'm afraid of dying
but then I don't know why
Please protect me, please hold me
Somehow, I don't want to die

This was my choice, my dream, my wish
I have to go through with it
I should've been careful of what I've wished for
I can no longer get out of this

Smile for me, please, one last time
Please tell me it's okay
I'm afraid that it may hurt
Please, wipe my tears away

Hold me close like you never do
I need you here tonight
Thanks for letting me be with you
I love you... Goodnight