The view of the floor is exceptional
For one with so much to see
You don't turn around
Tears of anger, or regret
Why don't you know?
You knew enough before.

Muttered words, play the gallant hero
Leaving at her request;
However loud and vulgar it may be.
Your neighbours on the estate should shout like this
Never your love and you.
Screams of frustration,
A fallen hope.

"Please try to understand,
I never meant to say a word"
And still she screams at you,
Because you told her you
Didn't believe in love
Or friendship, for the most part.

A light flickers and the one you love
Throws a coffee cup, smashing
Like fragments of pride
Against the wall covered in peeling paper.
"What once was true
I feel no longer, when I look at you"

Don't try to be the poet, she's dying in there.
Something inside her has died, and you killed it
Because you told her the truth about yourself
You always had said she would never want to hear it.

A mumbled apology, poetic goodbyes
And a final few screams
Conclude the slow walk
To the door.