A/N: well, I've been trying to write a war poem for ages, but never really
could get the words to flow. A friend of mine, Adithya, send me a couple of
his poems and both of them were abt war. After reading them, you can say I
was inspired once again to write about war and guess what, I've now got a
decent enough war poem! So I dedicate this poem to him...

Cloudy skies, grey lies
Burning up the sands
Only left with broken ties
Unable to dance

The war's started now
Already begun the killing
No hero can stop, oh how
End all the blood spilling

Knowing I can smile not
I watch it all fade away
Watch them kill the lot
Will we see a new day?

The demons gave to us
The stupid unjustified reasons
Told us belief in them is a must
They should be trialed for treason

Mourning mothers, helpless kids
All left without a home
Hungry babies crying for aid
On earth hatred is sown

This war will never end
Thirsty are the devils
Bloodshed of every friend
Life has become shriveled

The sun hasn't come out in years
The skies scorched up above
Alone I stand here today
As the bomb blasts below

Now dead are the innocent
The guilty cling to their life
All tears have been spent
There is unending strife

The battlefields coming closer
More death is on its way
I'm afraid of being a loser
Will you make it go away?

Destroyed, desolated fields
Are all that is now left
Another deadly deal is made
To break our already broken nests

The monsters feel not our pain
While the gruesome war goes on
Materialistic is their lowly gain
Emotions are killed before they are born

We were told we would benefit
But loss is all we have seen
Faith can never again be lit
All are hungry and oh so lean

What was the real cause of war?
No one really knows
Our eyes have been blinded by tar
Long is the fiend's nose

Everything is burning in flames
Burning away in a wisp of smoke
There is no end for this game
We, the blameless, are no more

Cloudy skies, grey lies
Burning up the sands
Only left with broken ties
Unable to dance.