The Adventures of a Aspiring Writer

Chapter 1: The First Attempt

"I am going to write," I told myself as I sat down at my desk equipped with a pen and a stack of blank paper. I set to work.

Fifteen minutes later....

I decided to review my work so far – hearts and stars surrounding my name written in every style imaginable. I decided to start again.

Ten minutes after that...

The paper sat in front of me, blank, tormenting me. It practically screamed, "You'll never do it! You'll never write anything!" (Can you believe that my mother says that I'm melodramatic? I mean, come on. IMe/I? IMelodramatic/I? I really can't understand how she could have possibly come to Ithat/I conclusion.) I resolved to try once more, sure that this time I would be able to think of Isomething/I. (By this time I would have settled for "Once upon a time there was a lonely dog named Rover. One day Rover met a cat named Whiskers. They became friends and Rover was not lonely anymore. They lived happily ever after. The End.") Unfortunately for me, my usually overactive imagination seemed to be on vacation and I could not think of anything. I decided to give up and try again tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. (Did I mention that I'm a big fan of UGone With the Wind/U?)

My name is Lauren and I am a fourteen-year-old girl. As you might have already been able to tell, sarcasm and a flair for exaggeration are among my character traits. (Even though I must admit that the screaming paper might have been a bit overboard you got my point didn't you?) As I mentioned earlier, I have a very active imagination. However, I seemed to be having a hard time putting my story on paper. Maybe it was because I am an overly cautious, slightly claustrophobic person who is afraid of heights, spiders and escalators. (Yes, escalators. When I tell people that I don't like escalators I am usually asked one question – "Why?" The answer: I don't know.) Somehow I don't think that these qualities make me the best candidate to write about thrilling adventures. Let's face it, I'm just not the adventurous type. Simply put, I'm the type of person who, unlike my cousin, finds bungee jumping, not exhilarating or exciting, but terrifying and a possible method of torture.

This is an autobiographical (for the most part), humorous (hopefully), account of my life and eventually of my family. Did you love it? Hate it? Should I continue? Let me know what you think.