Becca is a sixteen year old girl living in the wild west. She lives with her Aunt Virginia and her

Uncle Clive in a town called Morich. She lives in a extremely boring life that is the same day after

day. Until Jack Rye and his bandits come to Morich and steal all the town's valuables and her.

But, that is just the beginning for Becca's new adventure.


My name is Rebecca Ashby, but I'm called Becca. I am sixteen as of today. I am five feet

six inches tall. I have light green eyes and have hip length light brown, red hair. I live in a town

called Morich. Morich is a small town that is in the middle of nowhere. It takes about two days to

get to the closest town and takes about nine days to get to the closest city. The closest thing to

Morich is Rodor Station, which is a train station, about an hour away. I live in an average house

with my uncle and aunt. I live with Aunt Virginia and Uncle Clive because my mother and father

left me when I was six and left for the wastelands. After they left my aunt and uncle took me in.

Uncle Clive said, "I had a feeling they would leave you. They never were meant to settle down.

They are adventurous people and need adventure. I know they love you, but they can't stand

being away from the wastelands and adventure. And they can't take you with them." Uncle Clive

told me that when they first took me in. All I remember of my parents are them teaching me how

to survive in the wastelands. They taught me that by teaching me how to use magic and how to

use revolvers.

Well, my life has been a boring life so far. It has been the same day after day. I wake up,

eat breakfast, do chores, eat lunch, do more chores, eat dinner, get a little free time and then go to

bed. During my free time I usually practice my magic and shooting my dual revolvers against

some cans or bottles. I wish I could do real battles not practicing against nonmoving and boring

cans and bottles. Aunt Virginia thinks that I should use my free time doing other things. She

always says, "Oh, Becca why do you practice such things? You are such a beauty and could have

all the boys after you if you didn't scare them off with your magic and guns. Also, you have a

beautiful voice and you just let it go to waste. You could become a famous singer if you practiced

singing instead of magic and shooting those horrid guns." I do admit I have a beautiful voice, but

I don't want to become a singer. The life of a singer seems to be a boring life and I want to live a

life full of adventure. Uncle Clive thinks that it is good that I am practicing magic and shooting

my revolvers instead of having all the boys knocking at our door. When I was younger Uncle

Clive would buy me bullets for my revolvers until Aunt Virginia found out and stopped him

because to her it was a waste of money. That made me upset and so I could continue shooting my

revolvers I cast a spell on my revolvers so they had unlimited bullets and automatically reload.

Uncle Clive was proud of me when I did that and said that I could keep practicing no matter what

Aunt Virginia said I could and couldn't do. Anyway, today I felt like something different was

going to happen. Besides that on my birthday I don't have to do chores and I get a present or

two. I felt like something adventurous was going to happen.

I woke up and changed into one of my everyday dresses and went downstairs for some

breakfast. When I got downstairs instead of seeing Aunt Virginia and Uncle Clive, I saw two men

looking around for valuables. Then one of the men saw me and said, "Hey, Zach lookie here she

looks valuable. I bet the boss would like her." Before I could grab my revolvers the man named

Zach grabbed me and shoved me out of the house. When I got outside there was a whole a group

of bandits and everyone in town was there. Then Zach said, "Hey, Boss lookie what I got here."

After that the boss came over to me and said, "Well, you must Becca. You grown to be quite a

beauty." Right then I knew who the boss of the bandits was, he was Jack Rye. Jack and I have

never gotten along. He is a rude, stuck-up, immure jerk. He used to live in Morich until we were

ten and then he and his family moved to the city. I was happy when he left and now he was back. I

guess nobody remembered Jack or maybe they didn't recognize him. It has been six years since he

moved. Jack then said, "Good job Zach and Mike she is the most valuable thing in this town."

Then Uncle Clive said, "Don't you dare put a hand on her." Jack then asked, "Or what? What are

you going to do? Huh?" Then he said, "Come on men let's go and don't forget to take her with."

And with that I was dragged onto a wagon and taken to the bandits' hideout. As I left I saw

everyone in town crying even Uncle Clive. I didn't know that I meant that much to everyone in

town. Also, I was wrong about the train station being the closest thing to Morich because the

bandits' hideout was. But, besides for bandits who would want to go there? So, I don't really

count it being the closest thing to Morich.

When we got to the bandits' hideout Jack grabbed me and forced me to follow him. All of

the rest of the bandits were bringing what they stole from Morich in there hideout. Finally Jack

stopped pulling me and stopped. We were in a garden. I really didn't get why there was a garden

in a bandits' hideout, but I was soon going to find out. Jack then asked, "Becca do you remember

me?" I said, "It isn't hard really. You are Jack Rye." Then he grabbed my hands and smiled. I was

getting more confused with each passing second. Jack then said, "I knew you would remember

me. I've missed you so much." I was starting to feel sick and asked, "Why would you miss me?

We hate each other." Jack drew me close, which made me uncomfortable, and he said, "That is

where you are wrong. I love you and I always have. I didn't really know how to show that to you

six years ago. But, now I know." I now was feeling so dizzy. I was thinking, "Did he really say

that he loved me. I hate him or do I now. I'm so confused." Then he said, "I really do love you.

That is why there is a garden here it's for you." Everything was confusing me, I had so much

running through my mind. I didn't know what to say. Jack then asked, "Please say something. Do

you love me?" He looked so desperate and I was still in his arms, which was so uncomfortable. I

never expected him to love me, we hated each other. I then asked, "If you love me why did you

steal everything from Morich? Why couldn't you have told there? Why did you have to steal

everything?" Jack was silent and then said, "Well, I'm a bandit leader that is what they expect of

me." I then asked, "Would you change for me?" I had been holding my tears and now they started

falling. He looked at me for a while and then said, "I can't and I wouldn't even if I could." I knew

that from then on that I could never love him. Maybe I could and would marry a bandit but, I

could never love a bandit that would hurt and steal from his family and his friends. So, I said, "I

don't love you and you can't ever change that." He got angry and pushed me away from him.

Then he yelled for his guards. After that his guards grabbed me and Jack said, "Take her to the

prisons and lock her up." Then he asked, "Becca, why did you choose that choice? You could

have been my friend, my wife, but now were enemies." Since he asked I answered, "To answer

your question, I don't love you. It is that simple. Also, I'm used to be enemies with you. So, it

won't make much of a difference." He just glared at me as his guards dragged me to the prisons.

When we reached the prisons they threw in a cell and then locked. But, before they locked

me they took my revolvers. Then one of the guards, which I now recognized was Zach, said,

"These are a little manly for a little girl like you." Those revolvers were my father's and I had to

get them back even if it was the last thing I did. Then Mike said, "Well, I told you she wouldn't

love him. Give me my two dollars." They had betted over me. That made sick and angry. I guess

they forgot that I knew magic. That made everything easier. So, I blew up the door of my cell and

when I did that Zach and Mike dropped my revolvers and then ran. I shook my head and laughed.

"What cowards. Well that was easy. Now I have to get the town's valuables and then leave this

horrid place.", I thought. So, then I started looking for the valuables. I found them in a room that

was in right next to the front of the hideout. I was about to put some things in my pockets when

Jack came in the room and put his gun to my head. Then he said, "Well, I forgot that you

practiced magic too. You better put that stuff back and then give me a kiss." I knew that he was

still a jerk and this proved it. I put down what I picked up and then spun around and knocked him

off his feet. He fell down hard and I found him unconscious. Then I took the town's valuables put

them in a cart I found. Then I found Misty, my neighbor's horse, and hooked her up to the cart.

Then I went back to get the last of the town's valuables. I had gotten everything when I saw a

picture on the ground. I picked it up and looked at it. It was a picture of my mother, father, aunt,

uncle, and other people standing together smiling. I had thought Aunt Virginia locked away the

pictures of my parents years ago. I put in my pocket and then headed back home. But, before I

left I locked the bandits in there hideout so, I could get the sheriff to arrest them after I got back.

On my way home I looked at the picture I found. I guessed this picture was many years old

because everyone looked about my age. I knew that I was going to hold onto this picture and

make sure that Aunt Virginia didn't find it. I knew she would take it away if she saw it. But, if

asked if I found the picture I would give it back to the owner. I didn't think there was going to be

an owner anyway though.

When I got to back to Morich I found everyone still standing where they where before I

was taken away. I saw everyone crying and they still didn't notice that I was right there as Aunt

Virginia said, "I never told her that I loved her and if she came back I would let her keep

practicing those horrid guns and magic." I couldn't just keep standing here so, I said, "Well, that

is good because if I didn't keep practicing my horrid magic I wouldn't be here right now." Aunt

Virginia then started crying tears of joy and then ran to me to hug me so tightly I could breathe. I

asked, "I can't breathe. Will you loosen you grip, please?" Aunt Virginia let go and said, "Sorry, I

just happy that you alright. I love you." Then I said, "I already heard you say that, but anyway I

got all the valuable and the bandits are in their hideout about ten minutes southwest of here. They

are locked in and can't out from the inside. I think somebody should go and arrest them." The

sheriff nodded and said, "I agree with you, Becca. I will go right now, but I could use some help."

Nobody wanted to help him so, I said I would help him because I knew where the hideout was.

After I said I would go all the boys around my age eagerly said they would help.

About twelve minutes later we arrived outside the bandits' hideout. Then the sheriff told

us to get in positions. So, we did and then he unlocked the door and a bunch of confused bandits

came out. One by one they would come out and we would arrest them and tied them up so they

couldn't get away. Then Jack and his henchman, Mike and Zach, came out. When Jack came out

he went over to me and said, "Becca, this is your last chance to change your mind." I said, "I

haven't changed my mind and I have no intention to change it." Jack said, "I'm sorry that you

didn't." After that he kissed me and he and his henchman took some horses and rode off. I started

to sick and then the sheriff came over to me and said, "At least we got almost all of them." I

nodded unable to say anything. After that we headed back to Morich.

When we got back to Morich we locked up all the bandits in the town's jail. Then

everyone went home. I went to the entrance of Morich and looked out to a whole different world.

I saw a world of adventure and danger. A place were I would want to be, a world I would want

to be a part of. I had been out in that world twice today and would do almost anything to go back

out there. I wanted to go into the wastelands and find my adventure, the adventure that was

destined for me. I knew that I wasn't supposed to live here all my life. I knew that I was going to

tell Aunt Virginia and Uncle Clive that I was going to go the wastelands. If they wouldn't let me I

would run away. I can't stand staying here, it is just to boring for me. Then I went home to tell

Aunt Virginia and Uncle Clive what I was going to do.