In your smile,
Though the future
Is so far away...
I see us,
Together for always
Deep blue eyes,
May your light shine
All over both of us
As we walk towoards
Ends untold
Even with, the
Setbacks and the tears
With you, I'll
Try anything
Blessed angels protect
This loving bond
Together within,
My soul's at peace.
In your arms,
I feel the warmth
Of the fires
In your soul...
Together, we will
Tame them all.
In your voice,
The words sing out
Clearer than before
Together our
Dreams never die.
Even with the loses
And turmoil
We're bound to have
Our love will
Never fade away
Blessed angels grant
Wisdom, to see
Beyond fear
And strength to
Live through the day
Blessed angels protect
Our loving bond
Togther within,
Our souls live.