My twin brother Justin, my little sister Emily, and I went out to the beach to play. Justin and Emily went into the water to swim, and I, who do not like to get wet, stayed back to get a tan. In about 45 minutes, Emily came back to make a sand castle, but Justin stayed in the water, because he found some of his friends, and they all played Marco Polo.

"Lookie Jenny!" said Emily showing off her sand castle.

"Oh it's beautiful," I replied

There were a few guys playing Frisbee next to us, and one of the guy threw the Frisbee too high, and landed right in Emily's castle. Emily started to cry, and one of the guys came up to us and apologized, but it didn't make Emily stop crying.

"I'm really sorry." He said

"That's ok, just watch out next time." I said.

"What's your name?" he asked

"Jennifer," I replied "Jennifer Anderson. My friends call me Jenna. "
"I'm Kevin", he said "Kevin Edward Nelson. They all call me Ken, cause of my initials."

My brother saw me talking to Kevin, and then saw Emily crying, so he ran up to us to ask what's going on, but it came out..

"Hey Jenna," he said, and turned to Emily.

"Hey, Um Justin? This is Kevin," I said "Kevin, Justin." introducing them.

"Hey" Justin said

"Hi" said Kevin shaking my brother's hand

"HEY KEN! YOU PLAYIN OR WHAT?" shouted one of his friends

"YEAH I'LL BE THERE IN A MINUTE!" he shouted back. "Well I better go. It was nice meeting you all, and I'm sorry again for ruining your sandcastle." He said picking up the Frisbee, and left.

"Hey Jenna, what time is it?" Justin asked me. "Jenna?" he said,

"Jennifer, hellllooooo." Waving his had in front of me. And then in a louder voice "JENNIFER KAITLYN ANDERSON! SNAP OUT OF IT!"

"WH..what?" I said

"You were daydreaming. Either that or you've got a crush on somebody."
He said

"Who me?"

"No, the tooth fairy. YES you!"

"Who would I have a crush on?"

Justin turned his head into the direction of where Kevin was.

"Who, him?' I said

"Yes him"

"NO way!"

Justin rolled his eyes and went to help Emily with her castle, and I went back to my sun tanning, but all I could think of was Kevin. I was daydreaming now, about him and me getting married. It was an awesome dream. Especially with the hottest guy that ever walked this planet. It was already 6:35pm, and we were on our way home. Justin kept looking at me, thinking 'she does have a crush on that Kevin boy, but she won't admit it.' So instead of always keeping it in the back of his head, he blurted it out. "You have a crush on him don't you?"

"What?" I said getting a little annoyed with him

"Admit it!"




"Ok!!!!! I LIKE HIM! You HAPPY?!" when I turned to Justin he was laughing, partly because I was blushing. But hey what can I say, the guy was cute. When we got home, Mom was baking cookies, and Dad was well.... watching the super bowl. I never really understood football, oh well I guess I have to be a guy to understand.

"HEY MOM! DAD!" Justin yelled "GUESS WHAT?"

"We're right here honey, you don't have to yell," said Mom. "What is it?"


"Uh nothing mom. Nothing at all." I said

"Jenny has a.."

"Don't mind Justin, he's just jealous."

"What? Jealous of what? Anyway..."


"Jenny has a crush on a boy!!!! SHE'S IN LOVE!"

"What? My little girl growing up so fast!!! Oh I have to get my camera." said Mom

"Well, well, well our little Jennifer. Her first crush." said Dad. "How does it feel?"

"OOO our little Jennifer, growing up so fast." Justin said mimicking Mom and Dad.

"I'm going to kill you!" I shouted at Justin

"Hardy har har." Justin said running to his room

"JUSTIN JASON ANDERSON! COME BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" I yelled "Excuse me mom, dad I have to break some bones. Bye."

"Wait honey? Stay right there I want to get a picture of you." Mom said.

"That can wait mom; killing Justin is more important right now." Justin's door was wide opened but he wasn't in there. I looked around the room, but he was no where to be found. Squirt, squirt. I swirled around, and there's Justin holding his big water pump gun, right at me.




"Sure you are. You can't even kill a bug, how can you kill me?"

"JUSTIN!!!!!!! Fine. I'll tell mom and dad that you had you-know-what with Megan Swazey."

"What?! that's not true...That would be nice actually..but it's still not true."

"I know, but its fun making things up. Especially about y-o-u.'

"So. How does it feeeeeel being in love?"

"Justin you just shut up."

"Hey can't blame a guy for wonderin'."