There is nothing more melodramatic
Than tattered butterfly wings
Sorry if you think so
I disagree
Popping pills to ease my pain
The headache brought on by knowing
I should have been better
But no anodyne can end your sorrow
Except for me to be in your arms
We never know how much time
We have to live
Hence, I have no time to regret
All my mistakes
But you were never a mistake
You must think me cold
But I am warm as a sweater
Wrapping myself around you
With love and warmth
But winter never came
I am sorry the seasons changed
Quicker than a desert storm
Your fragile wings unfolded onto me
And I saw the damage I had done
They were torn
And they were smudged
And you think you will never fly again
But you can if you pick yourself off
On my knees I cry
How could I have crushed my little butterfly?
In the palm of my hand
How could I be so negligent?
Deeper the wound
The treatment is more agonizing
Know I would never even hurt a fly
If I realized I was going to
I am sorry
You saw me as beautiful
And then you saw how ugly I could become
You are prettier than I am
Vanity has no claim in your heart
Through your grief I wanted to say I am sorry
So for everything I have done
I am all apologies.