Your movements alone fill me with desire
O my Love, such Dark Fire
Fills me as you make your claim
Filling me with heated flame

O my Dark One, my creature of the night
Even as such, your eyes hold such light
Penetrating me in so many different ways
I could gaze into them for days

O my Lover, hold me just so
Fulfill my whims, only you know
Exactly what I wish, and how I wish it to be
My star, so beautiful, so lovely

Overwhelm me with pleasure, the Vampire's kiss
Holds such darkness, such unearthly bliss
The crimson shock against pale skin
Fangs flashing as they sink in

O my Desire, my love, my King
Cause me to tremble, to feel everything
Every pain, pleasure, mixed as one
The cool of the night fused with the burning of the sun

O my Love, for you I hold endless devotion
Passion and love, such powerful emotions
I am yours, my Lord, as you are mine
Filled with Dark Love, so sublime