I stand here so strong

Never asked for your approval

Pretended I could get along without

Demanding it inside

I can't always be what you want

Maybe I can…

Maybe you're right…

That I can help being helpless

I hide behind pride

Saying nothing counts

But I'm falling hard for this

All I'm not allowed to have

I say I'm out with my fears

But with every word

You believe in me less

And I'm forced back in

Never wanted to be wrong

To not be what you want

But this I'm doing for myself

It's all that can be right

I still stand strong

For what I believe in

You can still come to me in tears

I promise I still care

I'll always be me

No matter what happens

When you're not watching me

I haven't changed

And I'll always fight back

If you say one word

Against all I can know

And label it as a fault

I promise you I haven't changed

If anything, you did

When I stopped being "good"

And you couldn't understand