**Author's Note: So yes, another poem. Not so dark this time. Lol, and not rhyming either since people thought my rhyming was "painful" in the first poem I had ever written. *tear*  No, actually I don't care what people thought. I just wrote it this way because I wanted to. Hope you enjoy it.**

Then The Music Stops

Rhythmic music beating,

Hot, fast, pulses racing,

Sweaty bodies,

Crowded dance floor,

Swaying faster to the music,

Red skirts flaring,

Hands roving,

Breathes catching

Mouths tasting,

Tongues mating,

Bodies pressing closer still,

Blood rushing,

Head spinning,

And then the music stops.

** There, how was it? Lol tell me in a review? Before people even ask, I'm just going to say, I don't know when the next chapter of Tears of Blood will be up, for the readers who were wondering. Summer is even more hectic than school with a recent death, my new job and preparing for the dreaded university. Anyway, relax, I do intend to finish the story and update as soon as I can bring myself to write in it. Also, a short story should also be up soon… I know, I have no sense of self control. But there you have it, my poem, my trials and tribulations and of course, my excuses. Please review? By the way, for a great, hilarious, brilliant read: Confessions of a Teenage Virgin by Mass Descent. Don't read it if you are a prude… it might offend your delicate sensibilities. Flawless Storm.**