In a world full of demon shadows
Your room is the safest place
Cry your tears
Hide away

Lock your door
Stifle your sobs
But be free to cry
Catch your short breath

You ran so far
Only to come back here
Tell me what frightened you away
Admit your fears

I held it all in
Only to come back here
It's breaking me down
and I can't fight it anymore

I'm afraid of rejecting
I hate to cry
My weakness
Is sadness

I can't fight it back
I try not to cry
I don't cry
I can't cry

But that fear of rejection and hate towards me
Still lingers about me
I'm afraid to be hated
And sometimes the fear comes true

I've made my mistakes
And now I repent on them
Please forgive me
On everything I've done
I just don't understand
Why someone can hate
When they don't even know
What was really happening

Human antics are crazy
My feelings make it worse
I want to cry so badly
But I bury it inside

When you yell at me
When you show anger towards me
You make me want to die
This way I can't hurt you again

I've hurt too many
As long as I live
I will always hurt someone
But I was told otherwise

I lock myself in my room
Shut myself inside
My feelings put on paper
While listening to tunes

Everyone hurts
Everyone cries
Everyone has scars that run too deep to see
By the human eye

I've asked you not to hate me
I look to the sky and plead
Tell me I did the right thing
I know I did

Tears are our weakness
Tears are our strength
No matter how you look at it
A tear will be your worst enemy

--- Hmm, did I lose my point in here somewhere? And in the last stanza
people may get confused so: It means you cry when your happy and you cry
when your sad. So either way, you can't not cry. ----