Eye for an Eye

The God of wrath and good advice,

Advised mankind with the phrase "an eye for an eye".

If a man molests my child, then I must go and molest his.

Stealing from thieves is biblically sanctioned and all murderers must die.

The laws of God are above those of men

And the ideal attitude of the faithful is misunderstood.

Christian mercy need not exist,

For the Bible lets it be known that vengeance is good.

In this same divinely-inspired, never-erring Word of God

An unexplainable contradiction arises.

For this same God of indecision and unclear advice

Is also the God of surprises.

After vehemently stating, "an eye for and eye" and "a tooth for a tooth"

God changes his mind by declaring to "turn the other cheek".

While it certainly makes for amusing reading with it's unexpected twists and turns,

The Bible's use of logic is undeniably quite weak.