-For Shelam-

The Beach; 3:06 A.M.

The stars are the only things that I listen to tonight

with you

in my arms

on the beach

at 3:06 A.M.

Who are you?

Beyond the flesh

that I love so much.

I want you to forget everything

the shade of your skin

and how it is different from my own.

I want you to forget your responsibilities tonight.

Your way of life

so different from the way that I live.

I want you to be mine

against me

and for me always.

I want the stars to be our home

so I can live life silently with you beside me.

I want you to close your eyes

and sleep.

I want you to kiss me

and let me feel what it is to be the woman that you love

in your arms tonight.

I want you to feel

how much I long for you

and how far I would go to keep you with me.

I want to forget my world

of words

of lies

of hate.

I only want you


with the stars above us.

I want to change

to be good for you here


I want the warmth of you against me

for me

with me always.

Yo lo quiero siempre.

Je vous veux toujours.

I want you always.


I hear no other voice tonight

in the silence of you sleeping within me.

I want to become a vessel

on the sea

and take you to safety

and freedom.

I want to be ruled

so rule me.

I want to guide and be guided by you.


and latitude are no objects

to my eyes.


the stars will be the only things that we listen to.