It's time to take a break
From these times
You find a way to make
These words rhyme
Am I God, or is it you?
I don't even know what I should do


It's time to take a look
Into your eyes
I pretend to read a book
A poor disguise
What does this mean, if anything
Time passes by before you buy the wedding ring

You're just another problem I haven't solved
You're vicious and insincere
You are another little problem I haven't solved
And yet I need to have you near

It's time to look inside
Of your head
Ignorance and battered pride
Or so you said
But what I see is nothing less
Than another plain of consciousness

CHORUS (x 2)

So do you want me?
I'm here, am I too late?
Oh what do you see
Impure, you hesitate
No there is nothing wrong...
Oh there is nothing wrong...
No there is nothing wrong...
I said there's nothing wrong...