Unity is another word for hate
They could've been with us
But it's now too late
We've got the incentive, to liberate
An impulse to exploit
Perpetuating conflict with this void
It's a King's game
That the economy enjoys
Oh, the ants go marching on
Stooges of imperialism
The ants go marching on
You say Hitler was a problem
I agree
Extinguishing the Nazis was necessary
But the war in Iraq
Is mere frivol
Bullshit intentions
For the omnipotent convention
That the no-brain war-mongers
See, on the horizon
You see war from home
While the ants go marching on
You think morality
Is burning buildings
Surprised when attacked
Oh, the ants go marching on
Still I endorse nothing as sinister as war
You can wish them well
And see them in Hell
For being such patriotic citizens
The ants go marching on
Killing as they go along
According to you
With the proper intentions
If I murdered you
It would be just