A/N: sorry, the title doesn't really go with this poem. I really didn't
know what to title it as it's a mixture of feelings and stuff. In fact
that's why I put the "etc" in the title. If u have a better title for it,
then u r free to tell me about it and I'll consider re-titling my poem


I stand alone, on my own
Afraid to take a peek
Raging sea, blasting me
My love I do not seek
Burning down, losing count
Troubled is my soul
It can be, you and me
Together, as I've told

Immortal grace, human race
The compassion of mankind
Never waste, sour taste
An intricate human mind
Universal hate, we are bait
For corruption around us
We must wake, mustn't shake
Make not a sound, hush!

A trail of ice, chiseled thrice
Each leaving a fiery scar
Dewdrops fall, hating all
Apathy won't get you far
Nothing is left, rusting theft
I wish you were only mine
Sweet complaint, now I faint
We don't have boundless time

Are you alive, shall we dive?
Into this endless pool
The ground is lit, we must sit
Before the darkness turns cruel
With open hands, barren lands
I gave you all I ever had
We will shove, will you love
Me, every time I'm oh so sad

Kill you may, the end you say
Love me when I'm gone
Frozen heart, broken dart
The sword you use at dawn
Power I crave, dirty grave
Will I ever see the light?
Darkness falls, a songbird calls
Singing into the misty night

Here to stay, you turn away
In God I believe no more
Royal eyes, breaking ties
Oh my heart feels so sore
Please don't hide, show your side
The side I want to see
At the end, you'll win my friend
You will have the golden key

I lie in dust, broken trust
You have brought me here
Crimson skies, tiny lies
You are no more near
I loved you so, don't say no
I cannot bear the pain
In the end, don't make amends
There is nothing to gain

Don't you feel, keep it real
Feelings for me don't throw
Salty tears, doubtful fears
Cold hearts will never grow
Now in vain, I walk this lane
Closed is this once open door
Can it be, you and me?
I shall love you forever more...