South Lakes Secondary School - Chapter 3: The Cafeteria and the Bathroom

"I still can't believe they're going to do it in the cafeteria."
"Yeah, aren't they going to get caught? I mean, all that noise that they call music, it's bound to wake the students up, isn't it? And not to mention the teachers and the headmaster."
"But the risk is what makes it fun. Besides, if you get caught, you'll get thrown out and you won't have to deal with gay kids like us anymore, so there are benefits."
"Fine. Still, though, are you sure you want to go? It's not like you have to go to every party you get invited to, you know. And there are most likely going to be just older kids there anyway, like the juniors and seniors."
"Don't worry so much, Alex. It'll be fun."

So now I'm sitting at one of the tables in the cafeteria that haven't been pushed off to the side. My friends are all out dancing, and God knows I can't dance, so I'm not joining them. No, I'm just sitting here, illegally drinking glass after glass of alcohol. I've done this before when I was bored. But trust me, I don't do this very often, just when I'm -really- bored, simply because I do the craziest things when I get drunk. I never remember what these things are, though, but I always hear from my friends.
I remember, once, I was told that I had started stripping on someone's dinner table at a party. In the morning, I woke up in a pink bunny costume, and it wasn't a costume party either.
And yet, despite past experiences with drinking, here I am, losing myself in a sea of beer. I think it's because I get kind of depressed whenever I look around me, just to see that almost everyone has someone special with him, and I'm sitting by myself, all alone. But what can I do about that, really?
Well, I suppose I could say yes to the next person to ask me out and try that. But it is a bit embarrassing to admit that I'm gay or bi when I've spent the last month denying it, so I just drank some more, trying to get drunk so that my brain won't be able to work right.
"Man, you're really losing yourself in it, aren't you?" I looked up into the dark eyes of a stranger. "Aren't you a bit young to be drinking so much? You're going to have a killer hangover come tomorrow morning."
"Then let the hangover come and do its best," I took another gulp. "It's not like I don't have any Tylenol."
The stranger grinned. "Brave words. What's your name?"
"Alex. Alex Lloyd," I replied. "What's yours?"
"My name's Jonathan Dailey, but you can just call me John. I'm a friend of Nick's, and I'm guessing you are too, even though I know that most of the people that came are just here for the party and don't actually know him." He paused for a moment before he said, "So, do you have a boyfriend?"
I shook my head. Of course I wouldn't have a boyfriend. I had turned down everyone that asked for a date, so how could I have a boyfriend?
"Okay, then will you go out with me?" Well you can't say I wasn't expecting that. But do I really want to finally accept a date? I mean, I accept the fact now that I'm at least bisexual. I also accept that I feel lonely by myself because of all these lovey-dovey couples around me, but do I want to admit that to other people?
I would feel really guilty if I said yes just because I was lonely, and didn't feel any attraction to him. I look at John again. He is good looking, though, and kind of nice too, I guess, so why not? One date won't hurt. If I don't like him, I'll just tell him it was a fluke because I was so drunk and wasn't thinking straight.
"Um, ok sure, I guess. Where do you want to go?"
He smiled, like he wasn't expecting me to say that, yet was really pleased that I did. It makes me wonder if someone had a bet going to see when I would finally crack and go out with a guy. "How about we go watch Finding Nemo, yeah?" He said, the bright smile still on his face. I just stared blankly at his eager expression.
"It was a joke," he finally told me.
"Heh, oh yeah, of course it was," I laughed weakly.
He chuckled. "Maybe we can eat dinner, then go hang out at the mall. There's one about a mile from here, and a lot of students go there."
I smiled. I haven't been to a mall in a very long time. "When?"
"Is tomorrow good?"
"Sure, pick me up at 7?"
"Yeah, I'll meet you then," he said. "I've got to go, got some friends to catch up with. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Then he left to dance with some friends, leaving me alone and bored once again. So I decide to go check out what my few friends are doing.
I see Sam and Timur right away. They're apparently doing the horizontal dance, only vertically. They seem so entranced in each other, and I guess they're in love or something. It's like they blocked out everyone else and they only see each other. I guess it's kind of good that they blocked out everyone else, because they did have a small crowd around them.
I looked around for Chris just to find out that he isn't here anywhere. Maybe he got bored and decided to go to bed. It is after midnight, after all, and I never imagined him as the kind of person that would go to a party like this anyway.
Oh well, I need to piss anyway. I had way too much to drink, and I didn't walk very well to the bathroom. And once I got into the bathroom, I was awarded with the sight of two guys fucking, and they both seemed strangely familiar. One of two said persons also seemed to be putting up a fight, as if he was unwilling or something.
"Oh, come on, stop fighting, you're only going to get hurt if you do that. Phil said he wanted a go at you too. I bet the council's going to charge him a lot for that. It's a good thing I have my connections. My parents may be rich, but I don't really have that much money, ya know?"
"Get off me, you sex-crazed son of a bitch!"
I stepped closer, trying to see who the people were. The lights in this bathroom aren't exactly great. I got as close as I could without them seeing me, but I still couldn't see who they were. I accidentally slipped on some water on the floor and landed on my ass, which hurt.
The two guys obviously heard me, and stopped groping to turn around.
And who would they be, other than Chris and my new buddy, Nick!

I felt like a person making a porn movie out of two unsuspecting guys, only to get caught halfway through.


Ok, I lied when I said future chapters were going to be longer.

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