Lanterns of Our Lives
The petunias were so brilliant
They shined though my eyes
Lanterns on my way
Beacons that misguide me
Bringing me thoughts of dissolution
Of the least of the least
And brighter emotions
Of brighter days
Strangle me
Asphyxiate me
As they wave to and fro
How could I be the coalition of the willing?
When I lost the will to live
Nothing but fireflies
And angel cries
Resonate throughout my ears
All sitting with me all a glow
Traveling the road less traveled
I blaze my own trail
It's the one everyone missed
When they were looking too far ahead
But every time I fall on this path
I fall further than the ground
That holds me firm
And all that's left in the dirt
Are blood tears and ashes
I guess I am my own phoenix
I am the only one who can lift me off
The earth I must return to
This girl has no time for candy kisses
Sugar coated comas induced by fantastic wishes
On this path nothing but lily fields of broken glass
Light my way to darkness
Beautiful skies
So blue and clear
When your path is not angry with you
Think of all the wilted roses
The ones I forgot to smell
They are but nothings of shadows
And the lanterns of our lives
Follow the flowers to paradise
They are the only way home
Unless we carve ourselves
A Jack-o-lantern
Merely a light along our way
There is so much more to life than love
Love to light our hopes
There is so much more to life than love
Love that must go away