I can feel you lurking in the shadow.
I can sense your presence nearby.
I know your watcing me.
I can feel your chilled breath on my skin.

centerGet the hell away from me,
I don't want anything to do with you.
Keep your distance.
I don't want you around me anymore.

I can feel you coming closer.
Like a cat circling the fire,
You are going to get yourself burned.

I can feel your cold eyes,
Turn away,
Or you will never see another day.

I can hear your mind probing mine,
There are things their that will frighten even you.

I've had enough.
You've gone too far.
You were being careless.
You have sensless.

Now feel my wrath.
Sense my pain.
I will bring you down.
You wont get up again.

Meet the shadow,
Greet the pain.
Welcome the end,
And start all over again.

Defy the master of darkness,
And you will get burned.
Ignore him,
Then soon you will learn.

The Dark Lord is waiting to consume your soul,
If you cross me again,
I will feed you to the wolves.