Adrift in Nothingness

There is something wrong.

I cannot put my finger on it.

It's something intangible.

It racks my soul with intensity like nothing else.

It's a splinter in my mind,

Causing a furious but phantom burning in my skull.

A shadow clenches my heart,

Squeezing with a perverted delight.

It takes shelter in my longs,

Grinning as every breath I take becomes more and more strained.

While I am filled with this demon I feel emptiness.

Emotions no longer come easy.

Joy and humor are lost on me.

The only emotions I endure are anger, despair, and sorrow.

My hands tighten into a fist

But my muscles cannot lift my arms.

They are dead,

Unable to perform because they see no reason to.

I, too, see no reason.

No purpose to drive me.

I am absent of meaning.

Without reason.

Without purpose.

Without meaning.

Without all of these I am a hollow shell.

A shell inviting the demons to enter.

Is this how it always was?

Is this how it always will be?
Everyday I lose one more reason to go on.

I am lost,

Alone and without direction.

And so I continue,

Adrift in nothingness…