Butterfly with wings of dreams,
Land upon my window frame,
Let me whisper my secrets to you.
Cast the light of the rising moon
From your body of lovers' tears.
Rainbows dance upon my walls,
From the blue and gold of your wings.
Oh won't you, can't you,
Land upon my window frame?

The tears I cry add to your delicate body,
My sorrow deepens the blue,
My contentment brightens the gold,
Of wings sparkling with a dreamer's dream.
Your feet soft as midnight promises,
Whispered beneath the starry sky.
The fluttering of those wings,
Quiet as a kiss upon sweet, fragrant lips,
Upon the blooming rose of love.
Butterfly of dreams, please
Land upon my window frame.

Chase away the doubts,
Wipe away all the countless tears,
Stay by me and the one I love.
Your glowing wings a promise in the night,
Your teary body a reminder of love's reality.
Keep the love of my heart forever, and forever blooming,
Never let it die or fade away,
Touch me with your feet as soft as summer winds,
Brush your wings of dreams across my flushing cheeks.
Never let us drift apart,
Never let the promise shatter,
And leave us alone in the night.
My sweet, gentle butterfly why won't you
Land upon my window frame?