I need this pain to go away
I need you to stay for a while
Please don't leave me in pain
It hurts too much when you're not around
All day, all I do is stare at the ground
Wondering when you'll be there for me
To love and hold me
Protect me and keep me warm
I would never ever hurt you
And I would expect the same from you
I've already told you what you can expect from me
Don't you accept that?
Don't you love me?
All I want is to be with you
Can't you see that you are my world?
Haven't I told you that you are my everything?
I can't believe all I've gone through
You know I would do most anything for you
Please try to understand me
Please give me what you promised
I love you with all of my heart
So don't go tearing it out, breaking me apart