Well, this is a story beginning that I thought up of a little while ago, and decided to write out. I don't know anything that will happen in the story, I just know who the "enemy" is. Has anyone guessed it yet? I won't tell, but perhaps I may get inspiration and update this someday, and you'll all find out.


To Whom ever gets this,

Please help us; planet Earth that is. We are 3rd planet from star 475 in the galaxy Milky Way, in the Orion arm. Our species is the human. I know you probably have heard horrible things about us and presume us ignorant, but please, we need your help. We have been taken over, not by invading species, or even others of our kind, but by a menace that was sitting under our nose since the dawn of time.The government has crumbled, and we are reduced to pockets of civilization, struggling to survive. When you reach this planet, things will look rather peaceful, but take heed! The enemy is everywhere, and you won't realize until it is too late. Please help the last of the human race.


A human


"God Mavin, hurry! You know they will kill us both if they see us with paper!" Gabby whispered urgently.

Mavin quickly folded the letter and sealed it with a spot of tar. With Gabby keeping watch at the door, he quickly set up the small illegal rocket with the paper attached. Now all they had to do was wait until it got dark, which would come in a few minutes. Once the sun had set, Mavin quickly pulled the stopper out of the rocket and watched it fly through the whole in the roof and off into the deep beyond of space. Turning to his sis, Mavin grinned slightly. "It's done." he whispered. "Let's get some food."

The moon had just risen as the two stole quietly into the night, their dark cloaks concealing them from even the sharpest eyes. Of course, it wasn't eyes that they were worried about. Mavin gathered fallen fruit from the ground while Gabby went off a little ways to hunt. She came back, surprisingly, with a rabbit. Most herbivores had been killed off by now; only the birds and a few mice remained. Mavin gave her a thumbs up and they ran back to their little mud hut to enjoy the feast.

The siblings ate gratefully in the dark. No light shone to illuminate their home; fire was a thing of the past, and no one knew how to generate electricty anymore. The only thing that even hinted at technology these days were small solar-powered rockets and a few generators that the fortunate had. Mavin and Gabby were not so fortunate. Their parents and older brother had been taken, leaving the two to fend for themselves, anxiously waiting for the day that they too, would disappear.

The sun began to rise as Mavin and Gabby settled down on the cement floor of their hut to get some sleep. The sun beat down on the roof mercilessly, causing the temperature to rise considerably. Insects droned and the sound of a few birds were heard. Mavin breathed a sigh of relief. Today seemed safe.

Suddenly, Gabby screamed. Mavin, unaware that he had fallen asleep, awoke with a start. Gabby wasn't beside him. Tearing to the door, Mavin was just in time to get a last glimpse of his sister. He watched, horrified, as she slowly sank into the ground. "I've been seeded." she choked. Then she was gone; the fertile earth swallowing her. Mavin clutched his stomach and sank to the ground. He knew that she was still alive down there, now a host to the enemy. They would keep her alive as the young grew, slowly feeding on her flesh, until she became nothing more than a sack of skin, once housing human life. Mavin bit his lip to keep from screaming in rage. He was all alone.

God, let someone find his letter.