Cloak of calamity wrap around me,
Keep out the horrors of reality,
Blind me to the truth of death,
Let me see only the light of everlasting life,
Urge me to believe in my own invincibility..
I am untouched by the rage of the world,
Ignorant to sorrow,
All that matters is me,
MY life,
MY soul,
MY heart,
I care not for your hopes and dreams,
Your tearing miseries,
Your hopeless sorrow.
I have no reason to care about you or anyone,
Not while my cloak rests upon my fragile frame,
Protecting my fragile soul,
From the hatred,
The greed,
The racism,
The violence,
The horrors,
The lies.
Protecting me from this bloody reality,
Where kind hearted souls are lost among the crowds
Of people who turn deaf ears upon sincerity,
And blind eyes to the Truth.
But You, You came to me,
Showed me even the darkest night is defeated by the dawn,
Told me of the beauty in places I never thought to look,
Chased away the horrors I thought surrounded me,
Pulled the cloak of falsehood from my shoulders,
Replacing it with a cloak of Your love and understanding,
Your protection and Your trust.
It is no longer all about me and what I want,
It's about You,
It's about them and what THEY want,
What they need from the invisible members of society,
The figures no one pays attention to.
The kind hearted, the kindred spirits, the sweethearts,
The true beautiful people.
Pay attention, listen.
We are out there ready, waiting
Waiting to rid you of the cloaks you place around yourself in your
Waiting to show you the Truth.