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Peace. Elation. Those were the feelings that Dorian sought as he knelt by his beside for his nightly round of meditation. Slowly, the young man closed his eyes off from his humble, materialistic dwelling; and let silence wash over his body. It had taken him a year to learn this ability, the ability to quiet his thoughts and reach a void; and since he had mastered it, he had begun feeling fulfilled.


Dorian ignored the sound, and began to focus harder of making his mind blank.

"Oh…more…please…more." Despite the fact that the voice was muffled, Dorian could still hear a sense of please radiating from it. Letting out a deep breath, the young priest tried to block out the sounds coming from the room adjacent to his; focusing even harder on his meditation.

"Oh Goddess!" The voice screamed. Dorian's eyes flew open this time, his teeth grinding together with rage. They are at it again. Rolling his eyes, Dorian grabbed his cane and stood up.

He could not understand why the older priests never attempted to put an end to the 'activities' of the acolytes within the temple. They had taken a vow of celibacy upon entering; one which should have been strictly observed and regulated by the priests; for one could never trust the feelings and emotions of teenaged boys. Instead, the priests let it continue, simply saying that the boys needed to learn how to respect and revere Clala in their own way, and that once they had reached maturity they would stop.

Sadly, that never seemed to happen.

But what did he care if his neighbour had decided to break his oath? It was not his problem if the man had decided to disrespect their Goddess.

Sighing, Dorian looked around his room. It was a humble place, designed for the simplicity required when one gave his life to the worship of Clala. His room was small, like all of the other rooms in the temple; and contained only a bed, a desk, and a small wardrobe for him to house his robes. The room was dark, with rays of eerie moonshine providing the only lighting; for candles and lamps were a luxury, not a necessity- something that he could live without.

Simplicity and peace were the keys to his existence. In his opinion, simplicity meant casting away material possessions and feelings that he could live without. He did not need anger, nor did he need an argument with his neighbour. He needed calm and peace.

Sighing Dorian began to drop to his knees once again in the hopes of resuming his prayer, stopping as he heard another moan sound from the other side of the wall. Knowing that he would not be able to achieve the void with the noise coming from the other side of the wall, he stood back up; placing all of his weight on his wooden cane once more in the effort.

I'll just have to have a talk with them. Letting out a deep breath of relaxation, Dorian slowly hobbled out of his room.

With the exception of the occasional moan from the adjacent room, the hallways of the Temple of Clala were quiet. It was very late in the night, or rather, very early in the morning time and most of the priests and acolytes of the temple were asleep. Except himself of course, and the two acolytes in the next room; but at least he had a legitimate reason for still being awake, for in his two years at the temple he had always found the wee hours to be the best time for prayer.

Because of the small size of the acolytes and the priests' dwellings, the doors in that particular hallway were spaced closed together; and thus, it did not take Dorian more than two steps to reach the room on the right side of his own. The noise coming from the other room had grown louder now, and along with the moans, Dorian could make out sounds of rapid movement and heavy breathing. Stopping before the wooden door, the young priest placed a hand on the wall for support as he lifted up his cane and gave two steady knocks.

The moans ceased immediately, and the heavy breathing replaced by hushed whispers. Dorian waited patiently as someone on the other side of the door rushed about hurriedly, before finally, the door opened.

"Oh Goddess, it's just you." The young man breathed a heavy sigh of relief, casting a glance at the ceiling as he did so; presumably giving a prayer of thanks to Clala. "It's only Dorian," the young man then said, giving a quick glance to the other person in the room. "What do you want?"

Out of the many priests and acolytes in the temple, the man that stood before him was one of the few that he considered a friend; and despite the man's demanding way of speaking to him, Dorian was certain that he had not been angered by the disturbance.

"I simply came to ask that you quiet down a bit, Arthur." Dorian maintained his calm manner of speaking throughout the entire sentence, not wanting to display any unnecessary emotion.

"You were praying again, weren't you?"

"Isn't he always?" shouted the other person in the room. So Brian is his bed partner…figures…

Dorian let out a deep breath, trying not to show any visible signs of anger at what the other young man had said; not that Arthur or anybody else for that matter would have been able to tell if he were angry in this pitch blackness. "Well I came to this temple to serve Clala," it was a lie, but Dorian felt the need to put the acolyte in his place. "And prayer is just a part of my service; just as it should be for you as well."

Brian did not reply, however, Arthur began to chuckle. "You need to relax a bit more Dory," Arthur then placed a reassuring hand on Dorian's shoulder; "You don't want to start giving yourself chest pains, do you?"

"Actually I am quite relaxed, thank you very much." Up until just six months before, that would have been a lie as well; but thankfully, things had changed very much since then.

"Well then, why don't you join us?" Dorian's eyes flew wide open at the shock of being asked such a thing. It was bad enough that they were doing it, but to involve him? It was just…unthinkable…

"No!" Dorian snapped a bit too loudly. "Goddess…No!"

Once again, Arthur chuckled. "Why not? Come on, you need to learn to have fun."

"Because I took a vow saying that I would remain faithful to none other than my Goddess…" Dorian lowered his voice, "a vow which includes such practices."

"So? The High Priests get to do it…"

"That… is a different matter entirely," Dorian said, interrupting the other man.  

"How so?"

Dorian tried to stay calm, for he knew that his friend was only teasing him. Best not to anger…He had learned a while back that remaining calm was the best way to resolve any situation…Goddess, if he had said this to me only a few months ago…

"You already know the answer to that question, my friend. And besides, my point is that I will not participate in any such activity."

"Your loss."

Dorian could feel the conversation dying, and drifting away from its original purpose. "Anyways, could you two quiet down a bit? Please?"

"I guess so, not that we will be making anymore noise I think…I lost my erection."

Dorian cringed, that was not something he really needed to know. Not that, however, imagining a man as handsome as Arthur with an erection would be a bad thing…No, I need to stay away from those thoughts. "Well, thank you for your time." Dorian finished by smiling, even though he knew that in the darkness Arthur would not make it out.  "Goodnight and may the Goddess be with you!"

"You too." However, Dorian hardly heard the statement in its entirety, because by then he had already begun hobbling his way back to his room.

Once inside, Dorian rested his cane on the floor, and sat down on his bed. Just as he was about to get ready for his prayer, he heard the moans and screams begin again on the other side of the wall.

I thought he had said that he had lost the…no, I shouldn't be thinking about that…The young priest sighed, throwing himself into a face up position on the bed. It was not like Arthur to break his word, but then Arthur had not specifically said he would not do it again, just that he probably would not be able to. If anything, Brian had probably talked him into it; and from what Dorian knew of the young man, it fit his character.

Rolling his eyes, the young priest began to disrobe until he was in nothing but his bare skin. Sleeping clothes were of no necessity, and thus he and the others slept naked.

There was no way that he was going to be able to pray tonight; not with the amount of noise coming from the other side of the wall. Maybe the next night would prove better, that was, if Brian and Arthur decided not to partake in their activities for a second night in a row.

Sighing, Dorian got up from his bed; and while standing on his good foot, turned down the covers and dove right back in. Slowly he waited, gazing out the window for what felt like a large amount of time, for the darkness of sleep to come to him. And by the time that it did come, Dorian knew that there would only be few hours before he had to get back up again.