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Chapter 1

Mission Started

Just a failure...

That's what he said about me.

Just an useless living...

That's what she said about me.

NOT an average girl...

That's what I think about myself.

My name is Takahashi Yuki.

Weird name for a girl, huh? But my parents wanted a boy. And I am...

Just a simple girl.

With lots of secrets hidden.

And that makes me...

Anything but simple.


::Mikami High, 7.15 a.m.::

There you go, my school. Oh. My NEW school.

This was the first day I attend lessons at Mikami High. I heard that the students are jerks and bitches. But what do I care? As long as I'm not one of them, I don't have the rights to deal or even look at those unrespectable humans.

He, my awful uncle, wanted me to go to this damn school. Why? Simple: A mission. A true heir of Takahashi should do whatever the elders ask them to do. That's him.

My uncle: An elder.

A complete jerk.

"Ohayo! Are you new here?" said a girl with short, straight, light- brown hair and soft hazel eyes to me. She tapped my shoulder gently and gave me a smile.

I HATE being touched by someone else. Neither that she was stranger, or my own friend.

"Let go of your hand," I said coldly. I was in no mood of any conversation right now.

"I'm sorry, then. What's your name anyway?" she said regretfully as she let go of her grip. Then, unexpectedly, she walked WITH me to the class!

"It is none of your business," I replied as cold as I could. Why did she look at me like that anyway? Her mini skirt flung in a tempo with her long, slender legs.

"My! You're a cold guy!" she said with a soft laugh.



No wonder.

I was wearing the boys' uniform.

And I just realized it.

Again. Why?

Rai bought me the wrong uniform. Well, that's ok with me, though. Maybe he had a secret thought about this kind of uniforms. I also think that this uniform is kinda comfortable too. At least they won't show up your panties.

"Hey, don't space out on me, will you?" she said as she waved her feminine hands in front of my face.

The curiosity struck in my mind. Why would this girl, interested in me? Do I look so good in boys' uniform?

I don't think so.

I just made my back-length, straight, silvery hair in low ponytail. Why would anyone interested on a guy with weird hair color? But hey. This is natural.

=Kriiinnnggg!!!= The bell rang loudly.

Hmph. Can't they turn down the volume a little bit?

"Damn it! Well, see you later! Ja!" she said cheerfully as she ran away from me towards her class. Her mini skirts went up, revealing her black underwear. Oh wait... not underwear. Just another shorts. And I thought the girls are bitches.

Now... where's my class? Rai said something about classes... but I didn't think of hearing his speeches too well. I was regretful.

"Hey! Why you're not in class yet, boy?" said a teacher all of sudden to me.


Do I look a lot like a boy? Are the teachers blind or something? The can't even make a difference between a boy and a girl!

"I don't know where my class is," I replied shortly.

"What's your name?"

"Wa." I stopped. If the first person thought of me as a guy, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all! I COULD became a boy. My rivals are going to have a hard time finding me here!

I cleared my throat and finally replied, "Boku wa Takahashi Yuki."

"Yuki...? The new girl, hmm? Wait. You're a boy?" said the teacher confusedly.

"I suppose I crossed the wrong word..."

"Souka. You're in my class, 1-E. Come here," he said in a little bit childish way as he led me towards his class.


"We have a new students today, class!" he said aloud. Then, he gave a sign that I should come into the class. Finally.

"Please introduce yourself," said the teacher.

Ckh. No wonder the students are jerks. It's the teachers' fault.

"Boku wa Takahashi Yuki," I said clearly as I made a slight bow. Just for impression.

Surprisingly, a girl waved her hand at me with a wide smile. Wait. I definitely met her before...

The girl with black shorts. Yup. That's her. One more thing: I'm not a pervert, for your information.

"Whoaa! Izumi!! Do you know him??" asked a girl in a very girly tone that I hate the most. So... the girl's name is 'Izumi'... she just nodded with a simple smile.

"You can take your sit beside Sakamoto-san. Her desk is empty," said the teacher calmly with a smile.

I frowned.

C'mon! Do you expect me to actually sit beside that girl? Pur-lease!

"Ehm. Please take your sit, Takahashi-san," repeated the teacher.

I finally sighed and walked to the girl's desk. She looked at me with that annoying look and I sat forcefully beside her.

"Nice to meet you, Yuki-kun! Watashi wa Sakamoto Izumi," she whispered cheerfully.

"Don't call me with THAT name. I do not know you too well," I snapped.

Her face showed that she was hurt.

What do I care?

She's a complete stranger to me anyway.

Then, I continued having the lesson, without Sakamoto Izumi interfering me anymore.


::Takahashi's mansion, after school::

"How was your day, mistress?" asked Rai, my faithful servant. And the only one that I trust the most.

"Not so bad... but I found a girl," I replied with my rare smile. The only men I've ever smiled to were Rai and my father, Daisuke.

Unfortunately, he and my mother, Kazuko, are missing. They were sent into a mission and yet, never came back. It's been almost eight years, and I miss them so much.

"Is there any news about my parents?" I asked Rai tonelessly.

"Unfortunately not, mistress. I will tell you if we have even the slightest information on your parents. You don't need to ask me everyday about it."

"I can't help it. And you," I glared at him. "Bought me the wrong uniform."

"It's class A's order, mistress."

"I am more powerful than class A, for your information. Jeez, Rai!"

"I know that too well, mistress. But it's also for your own safety. Did they become suspicious?"


"The other students."

"The girls LOVE me. They totally believed that I'm a boy! But you know. this is kinda interesting. Being the opposite sex in school. Hmph. I wonder how he's gonna react," I said with a laugh.

"Did you EHM," Rai blushed. His face was as red as his eyes. "Do something... with your... EHM..!" he cleared his throat again, unable to say the word. And yes, Rai's eyes were red and suspicious too. He... actually looks good with the long black hair and red eyes! We had the same hair-length and type of hair, so we don't need too much shampoo to buy. (Just kidding)

"What is EHM?" I said seriously.

"Your breasts. Guys don't have breasts, do they?" he finally burst out and his face even became redder.

"Oh my gosh! Rai? You even blushed?" I laughed hardly. "Saying THAT word makes you blushed? You really need to get some practice!"

"Of course, mistress. Of course... and then, you will say I'm too naïve to be a powerful assassin and stuff - "

"Wait! You ARE! Haha!!" I turned myself back to usually me. "Enough about the jokes. Anyway, about the breasts. Yeah... I used the illusion spell. It kinda works, you know. But I have to renewed it every four hours."

"But... its ability.. is to make your EHM," Rai blushed even harder. "Breasts gone and... it doesn't have the power to make it... God! How am I suppose to say this out loud!"

"Untouchable?" I finished his sentence. "Well. it's not the best spell ever, but this is the only spell I could think of!"

"Never mind. Now, you just heard about the word 'mission' but never really got the document, do you?"


Rai took out something behind his tuxedo and gave it to me. A document. Really thick one. No.. it's actually TWO documents. Man, I really need to get a grip of my hasty sights!

"These are the documents of Sakamoto Izumi and Hirose Kaji. They are the next target, mistress."

"Stop calling me mistress, will you? Call me with my name, Rai. Yuki- sama or Yuki-san or Yuki-chan... whatever except the word mistress. It sounds too.. respecting," I said irritably as I flipped around the documents.

"With pleasure, Yuki-chan..!" he said cheerfully.

"Wait - " I frowned. Sakamoto Izumi.. for goddess sake! I looked at her photo. This wasn't good.. "I know this girl. I've met her!" I said out loud.

"That's good. You can finish your current mission quite fast, then. And. oh yeah, one more thing. Since that Sakamoto-san is a very rich girl, she's got a special bodyguard. That of course.. Hirose Kaji. He's not really your target. You can either kill him or not. It's up to you."

"Is he really that strong to be her bodyguard?" I hissed miserably.

"He's the most troubled bodyguard I've ever seen. He killed five of our best fighters," Rai said with a strangely, sad face.

Of course. Three years ago.. Yumi, Ren, Karin, Kagami, and Rina were our best fighters. Yumi was Rai's girlfriend, despite of the face that Ren was also his older brother. they died in our last mission. Right in front of our very eyes. Seeing their deaths, Rai and I assassinate all of the people there. We became partners since then, but he stays as my servant.

"I'm sorry.. but I don't remember anyone escape from our swords...," I murmured.

"He didn't. He was in a state of comma for eighteen months since then. After he was cured, he came back to his old beloved job. The thing I hate and frown the most in this world."

"Me too. Err... Rai? Do you mind to go out? Or look away? I want to change my clothes."

"Oh! Of course. Excuse me," he said as he closed the door behind him, leaving me alone in the room.

"Mission starts!" I whispered to myself.


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