Fate is a curious thing in this world..it can either go in your favor or it can ruin your life forever. For me, I hate fate. It has never gone my way and i'm sure it is determined to not go my way. I'm Lucas McCloud, basketcase and reject to society and everything that concerns it. People judge me on the way i act and the way i dress. Now i know you think i dress gothic and i wear deep make-up and stuff, but i don't. I wear grungy clothing and i have a pentagram hanging around my neck in this small religious town. My parents won't talk to me . . . they are too ashamed of me. I have virtually no real friends i can trust, because of all the trouble that follows me. Now this story isn't all about my woes and torments, it is about Katrina. The beautiful christian girl who broke all the rules and gave me a chance, a chance to prove that i can be a decent human to everyone's standards at least once in a while.