Katrina and I left the church area and headed for the park near our houses. We walked the few blocks to the park and I led her down the path that bordered the small creek that ran along the outside of the parks boundaries. Most of the walk was quiet; I found that I was unable to start conversation. 'Katrina looks beautiful just walking peacefully through the park with me.'

I snapped out of my daydream and saw that we had approached the spot in the creek that opened up into the state park. "Hey Katrina, we have to cross here to go to the spot." Katrina raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about 'secret' everyone in the school knows about that place back there. Come on, in the whole few days that I've lived here I even know about that place." I turned on Katrina and put my hands on my hips and sighed loudly, "So what? You don't trust me or something?" I could feel the heat rushing into my face as my anger level raised to dangerous level. Katrina started to talk to me but I stopped her with a hand, "Listen, before you do something really stupid, I'm going to leave now." I turned and started to walk away from the stunned girl. 'Lucas just turn around it will be okay she can be trusted.' I heard my inner voice yelling at me to go back to her, but it was too late I had made up my mind.

I thrashed my controller for my PlayStation2 as I saw that I was about to lose this wrestling match in the game. My parents still hadn't arrived home by the time that I had gotten home from my walk with Katrina. I was still slightly pissed about the way Katrina hadn't trusted my word, but still I could say I cared about her. The girl was like a drug that was invading my mind. In the game I turned a big move around and hit one of my own, "Yes! I rule!" I jumped up and raised two closed fists into the air. Instantly I regretted raising my arms cause my chest started screaming at me, my stitches were still in and again I reopened my wounds. I slid out of my shirt gingerly and softly touched my violent marks that marked my chest.

Ding-dong, The doorbell startled me and caused me to jump and turn myself too quick causing me to again wrench my chest in a way that caused more pain. 'God-Damn it, who ever is at the door is going to get hit' I staggered in pain through my house and threw the door open furious, "Hello sir, are your parents home?" My mouth hung open at what I saw before me, a pair of door to door bible humpers were standing there in their fancy suits with their bibles under their arms. Their eyes kept going from my face to my badly mutilated chest and back again. "No they're not home, but can I help you?" I asked sweetly, "Oh well we are going door to door spreading the word of god. Would you mind if we came in?" the leader of the traveling morons said. I raised an eyebrow and 'thought' about it," Oh I'm so sorry but I'm not allowed to have anyone inside when my parents are at church but I am willing to talk to you. Just let me get something from inside real fast."

I pulled inside, ran up to my room, and grabbed my favorite tool to get rid of stupid people, my decorative seven-foot bullwhip. It didn't really hurt, and beside that, I never learned how to crack a whip. I opened the door again with the bullwhip in hand; I had to hide my glee at the shocked looks on their faces. "So are you interested in god young man?" I let the coiled whip fall to the ground, "Well, I'm actually not interested at all in god." I flicked the whip, grabbed the long end, and started to jump rope with a smile on my face. "Then why did you want to talk to us?" one of the men asked. "Because I wanted some redemption for what you idiots have done to me over the years." I said simply as I dropped one end of the whip and got ready to whipped the two jesus freaks. Before I could do anything they scampered away and ran down the street checking behind them the whole way till they were out of sight. I felt a grin twitch into place on my face as a chuckle escaped my lips. "What are you doing Lucas?"

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