Three slashes, three rhythmic pounds,
To the sound of his severed heartbeat,
As fire and devil dance for his defeat,
And he falls away to unknown grounds.

Three drops of blood, ripples on the earth,
To the screams of innocents and grace,
As in a gory frenzy I mutilate my face
And watch the world burning in the hearth.

The taste of flesh is on my lips as I cry,
For this successful campaign of misery,
The humanity I betrayed so disgracefully,
The lover that by my own fault I watched die.

Look me in the eyes; tell me you love me,
Before I confess to you what I've done,
How terribly I've betrayed moon and sun
Of this world you now see crumbling in fury.

I've no excuse, I made the worst mistake:
I fell badly in love with the wrong one
And now he lies dead for what I've done,
And soon we'll all follow him to the stake.

Tell me I'm beautiful just one more time
Before you see my face of blood and grime.
Skinless, raw flesh and bone, my true face:
A demon hidden behind beauty and grace.

Please, just do not think you loved a lie:
I was good once, pure as the sweet sky.
But I fell in love with a creature of the night
And he took me far from morning light.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Well that's it.yes I know it's long but *shrug*. I wrote this a month
or so ago, but I didn't have the internet to post it.Reviews are
appreciated :-D, but honest wants to know if this is good or not,