A Time To Begin

I don't want your pity,
Too bad you're too late,
So many words were never said.

Now, you can't judge me,
Even when I fall,
Volcanic eruptions of anger
emptying my mind.
Remember how it was?

Amaze me with your patience…

Grab me by both hands,
Organise my life again,
Optimum control,
Don't tell me how to live.

Time is too short for us all,
Inside is a mess,
Maybe we all just need to

Try and stop me,
Or just let me go.

Say you love me,
Teach me how to love you in return,
And don't hate me when you see that
really, I can never love you fully,
True to myself.

Break me, but keep me,
Everlastingly yours-
It's how I want to be.
Never alone,
Give me some space though.

Never underestimate me,
Or think any less of me,
Reach out when I call,
Meddle with my emotions,
After all, that's what I'm used to.
Love me though, love me always.